modern sky sampler

Rescued from an attempted sneaking out of sight down the back of the seetee, this is the debuting ‘sampler’ release from the UK arm of the respected Modern Sky imprint of China. Available on all platforms as well as a strictly limited 10 inch wax variant in a choice of coloured sleeves, we opted for red, the set gathers together a quartet of hotly tipped combos opening to the fleet footed and soaring sound of Catholic Action with the stirring and tightly wound strut coiled gusto of  ‘doing well’. Somewhere else there’s the sugar rush of the lushly hushed amorphous ‘lucid dreams’ from Violet Youth which in truth has more than a passing air of a subdued Psychedelic Furs about its persona, a slow to burn dream dazed lovely crushed in vapour trailing kisses aplenty whose softly majestic lilt shimmers to a more pop pristine and shyly vulnerable hinting of the Church. Over on the flip sit adoringly waiting Fuss and Pixey, the former of whom stump up ‘Fluff’ a hazily effervescent and dizzyingly willowy dream drift succulently ghosted in lazy eyed sunsets and type of a tasty easy on the ear trickery that used to grace releases bearing the name Butterflies of Love on their hide, while the latter, not to be outdone in the adorable stakes, execute some niftily euphoric and jubilantly radiant joy in the shape of ‘hometown’ which comes festooned in all manner of nimbly picked afrobeat chimes which had us much reminiscent it has to be said of the Four Brothers which by our reckoning is no bad thing and dare i so no mean feat.            

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