silent chaos

I’m very much suspecting that an extended piece highlighting the latest happenings from the unexplained sounds group and eighth tower imprint are pressingly overdue, all we can do for now is offer our humble apologies for the oversights thus far, you are on our radar. As a matter of small recompense this is Italian duo Silent Chaos with a track prized from a new Eighth Tower gathering entitled ‘Daedalus of possibilities’. A hulking slice of darkening isolationist ambience cut to a sonic calibre not unlike those emanating from out of the dark side of the much admired Boring Machines imprint, the tones dense, tense and somewhat submerged in a hazy fog, prowl the shadowy terrains like some huge leviathan, amid the bleak oceanic swathes ghostly echoes on looped replay usher in and out creating an eerie atmosphere, ever deeper into the belly of the beast the sounds shift into a sharpening focus and a petrified perspective revealing sorrowfully sighing gloom draped spectral chamber opines, the effect it has to be said, forging a kinship with James Hamilton’s The Keraunograph Ensemble. As said the track comes pulled from a new Eighth Towers set by the name ‘Labyrinth’ that gathers togethers 22 of the undergrounds finest exponents of sound sculpturing – early subscribers can grab a super limited 50 only double CD of the collection. 

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