bethan mai

Okay i’m resigned to the fact that our evenings listening schedule has been scrambled, i must say its getting incredibly daft around here at the moment what with us us getting a tad giddy on all the ridiculously nifty sounds we keep inadvertently tripping over. Latest to the list a new solo happening arriving via recordiau blinc at the end of the week, a solo EP outing from Bethan Mai of Rogue Jones entitled ‘Bach’. Seriously this borders on the almost, er, well, religious, for ‘bach’ is an electronic hymnal cut with the measured ice cool minimalism you’d rightly expect to imagine tripping out of some Icelandic backwater, all choral mantras, clockworking regal keys and all manner of twinkling trims, admittedly goes a bit Add N to X  at times, no bad thing there and something which from out of the chanting fog emerges an enchanting glow sprayed in  softly euphoric radiance. Similairly touched in an ethereal sepia framed warmth,  ‘Aderyn pur’ you feel oddly sits out of place in these summer months, rathermore in search of a wintry campfire to huddle around partaking of a seasonal soiree, yet soon it delicately fractures and to the onset of a mutant motorik underpin a crooked cornucopia of distractive delights weirdly woos its way into jubilantly playful view. ‘Wedi Mynd’ brings matters to a close though not before bringing you to your knees beneath the aching weight of its crushing intimacy, would i be right in saying notes and nods to a certain Bats for Lashes aren’t very far in the reference stakes.   


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