gene pick

I’m guessing that had Dylan – our music loving all day lounging, sleeping and preening in house cat – had been around instead of being on a holiday break at a friends sunning himself and from what we hear, assuming a territorial guard of a conservatory that he now deems his own, then he would have been no doubt climbing walls frantically at this point on hearing sounds pitched to such high-end frequencies that cause dogs to howl and birds to fall from the sky. Still, in his holiday absence, it makes for the ideal weapon to repel feckless neighbours and other known – apparently human –  oiks and into the bargain gives you a freebie ear syringing. This is from a recently released cassette set via monorail trespassing by Gene Pick entitled ‘adhesion coefficient’ – this ‘un being ‘impedance bond’ – very Tayside Mental Health albeit without the impish humour angle, instead flatlining shreds of high intensity sandblasts and squirreling skree , bit like the  imagined sound of a dentists drill burrowing away inside your headspace if i’m being totally honest, of course thoroughly essential if only for the annoying agitant factor.  

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