the radiophonic workshop

Hot on the heels of their recently released ‘burials in several earths’ full length, here’s a limited cassette release from the Radiophonic Workshop that’s exclusive only to Bleep. ‘everything you can imagine is real’ features two extended suites – full reviews to come when we manage to nab copies as our own in the coming days. For now two sampler edits feature on the Bleep site, the first ‘Picasso’ provides for a sumptuous mind morphing odyssey that touches base with Fruits de Mer ever presents Craig Padilla and Astralasia and crafts a kosmische tweaked sonic biospherical pod literally teaming with life, the effect both dreamy and mesmeric is tailored upon a tripping fantasia. Over on the flip, a reworking by Rupert Clervaux, here retooled as ‘the proximity of texture to context’, relocates and rethreads it with a delightfully playful and funky skin, the Moogish tones kissed with a kookily laid back 70’s vintage respoked as were, through the impish eye of Wagon Christ.

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

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