total failure system

Ah….nothing quite beats a spot of, how the label describe it, ‘furious jazz noise electronics’ – clearly disciples of Albert Ayler, though that’ll be Mr Ayler laying down some nifty grooves while he has the men in to sandblast the innards of his playing room, this is for your discerning ear Total Failure System with the waywardly ‘truthlessness’ – something i’m very saddened to say appears to be an integral default setting of the folk who run to ruin this fine and decent nation. Still swiftly on before i start getting all politically angry, this slice of caustic oddness is from a set heading out of the muteant sounds imprint entitled ‘denagration’ – something i must say that has had us rummaging and rifling through countless boxes trying to nab our prized copies of inside ov a butchers shop’s blink and they went CD’s for comparison, all frazzling moogs and squealing tenor sax recitals what’s more the blighter is free to download, talking about gift horses and staring.   


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