the bordellos

If their bandcamp page is correct then there’s just two copies left of the strictly limited ‘life, love and Billy Fury’ set by the Bordellos via the recordiau prin imprint, it’s a little detail that both cheers and irks us on two levels, I mean to the 18 who’ve thus far subscribed, as the Cramps would have have it, ‘you’ve got good taste’ – then again, twenty copies clearly undervalues a sentiment thoroughly endorced here in our gaff, that these folk are this nation’s saving grace. Full reviews arriving soon of their latest, for now though another brief (as you young people would have it) bigging up in order to jimmy up a few more coins to the combos coffers, todays favourite track from the set be ‘loneliness of the late night shopper’ – something you’d imagine sneaked in the second half of a late night Peel playlist schedule, tucked in between some unnamed slice of locked looped techno oddness and some rarity unearthed of paper rustling nose picking folk from middle earth, just as the listening world were beginning to lull into – dare i say – sleepful slumber. Anyhow along comes this ‘un to shove you out of your drifting malaise, one of those slow to burn moments which without fanfare, fuss or shout-iness finds itself burrowing its way beneath your skin much like one of those Sarah records endorced Orchids releases, in truth sounds very Decoration – remember them……   

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