Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 24.0…

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 24.0….w/e 17/06/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….


Since we last posted one of these missives, the nation, indeed the world, has been shocked and saddened by the events unfolding in the early hours of Wednesday morning at Grenfell Towers. In the aftermath, serious questions have been raised as to ongoing concerns from residents over safety aspects resulting from a recent refurbishment. Several days on these questions remain unanswered. Understandably, from out of the grief and shock, anger and frustration are taking stock as a bleak picture begins to form highlighting failures by ministers and officials alike to take heed of the advice of experts. In recent weeks and months, the country has suffered at the hand of terrorist actions, and while these have brought their own grief and shock, they were, to a large extent, unavoidable. Sadly, the fires at Grenfell Towers were avoidable. Like many I have been moved and proud to be British, watching a community come together in an hour of need, to help, offer support and genuinely show a kindness that one would like to think is innate in all of us, to those suffering in these desperate events. While I’m sad to say that certain elements in both our society and more worryingly our political discourse, seek to divide and bedevil certain faiths, the death toll at the towers may well have been much higher had it not been for the fortuitous fact that many Muslim families were breaking their fasting, joining as families to eat and had, once they realised what was happening, desperately tried to wake residents to safety. I’m also proud of our emergency services, the police the ambulance services and above all the fire fighters most of whom would never expected to have confronted such an event in a so called ‘safe and stable’ country. To the Queen and the Royal Family, in the absence of clarity, communication and just simple decency from our prime minister, it was left to our Sovereign mother to step in and show compassion and share in the sorrow of a nation. It is now very much apparent that we live in a nation of have’s and have nots, had this been a millionaires populated tower block, you can be sure that by now, answers would have been forthcoming, that it was just ordinary people has revealed an underlying contempt and a sense of deeply worrying lack of care for those on the lower rungs of life’s ladder by the leaders of the power controlling establishment, it’s a fact crystallised by John Humphreys interview with government minister Sajid Javid on Radio 4’s flagship news show Today on Friday morning, who under testing questioning failed to answer the most basic questions, instead sitting on his hands and doing what our political leaders love doing best, looking busy at making excuses and shifting blame ultimately doing nothing, yet more indignantly – not giving a straight answer to a straight question. To our Government, the heads of our state and most of all our Prime Minister, I ask this, you say we are a tolerant nation, a caring nation and a Christian nation – then prove it, by leading and showing guidance with such virtues instead of fancying it up as a heartless sound bite. My thoughts, prayers and love go to all at Grenfell Towers.


Matters, silent chaos, tubular brass, lost tapes record club, urban collector, professor Isaac turton, Oscar Boothroyd, burrymen four, jellyroll, gum, pony taylor, cucumber, stereoscope jerk explosion, remington super 60, valvola, micromars, martin roth, catholic action, violet youth, pixey, fuss, chaos uk, circuit breaker, consumer electronics, frustration, future commuter, john paul, karies, mark durgan, mark wynn, massicot, pain jerk, phil juan, pisse, sleaford mods, steve ignorants slice of life, sudden infant, the harbinger sound sampler, the lowest form, the urinals, toylettes, trerksroset, be the bear, mahr, the doxey boggart, john e smoke, goatwhore, municipal waste, aurora, ride, gary numan, battles, thot, cabaret nocturne, inhalt, decadance, helen, sanne de neige, opale, crooked teeth, Sinestesia Letargica, wilder gonzales agreda, heyden pedigo, svper, Bethan mai, the clash….

Shhh….not for us to say, but we suspect that this might just have you doing wig flipping turns as your head dissolves to the morphing motoric myriads that this slab of bad boogie exacts upon your tormented turntable. Not quite sure how many of these are set to be doing the rounds, its listed on the Static Caravan catalogue as a ‘promo CD’ which hints that these might find themselves sneaked into packages containing forthcoming orders – who knows, there’s certainly no press release or cheerleading fanfare afoot here, but then why would you want to sully something so near perfect with mere hopeless words. Anyhow before we get accused of rambling this be the debut outing for Birmingham based cosmic combo Matters who describe themselves as an ‘experimental electronica three piece’. Aye that’s all well and good, what they don’t tell you though is that ‘black mere’ – the title of this debuting 10 minute colossus – ventures deep into the eye of a black sun though not before softly unfurling to culture within its vast shape shifting palette a sonic infusion blending elements of old school kosmische, prog, post rock and psych into its template, it all makes for a beautifully brooding and mammoth head-trip wherein all the spectral players are seemingly drawn to some magnetic core to gather, galvanize and reforge anew all the time growing immeasurably in depth, density and mass, in truth fashioning a star jump from Tangerine Dream to Hawkwind in one swift manoeuvre albeit detouring to momentarily touch base with both Helicon and Eat Lights Become Lights all the way.


I’m very much suspecting that an extended piece highlighting the latest happenings from the unexplained sounds group and eighth tower imprint are pressingly overdue, all we can do for now is offer our humble apologies for the oversights thus far, you are on our radar. As a matter of small recompense this is Italian duo Silent Chaos with a track prized from a new Eighth Tower gathering entitled ‘Daedalus of possibilities’. A hulking slice of darkening isolationist ambience cut to a sonic calibre not unlike those emanating from out of the dark side of the much admired Boring Machines imprint, the tones dense, tense and somewhat submerged in a hazy fog, prowl the shadowy terrains like some huge leviathan, amid the bleak oceanic swathes ghostly echoes on looped replay usher in and out creating an eerie atmosphere, ever deeper into the belly of the beast the sounds shift into a sharpening focus and a petrified perspective revealing sorrowfully sighing gloom draped spectral chamber opines, the effect it has to be said, forging a kinship with James Hamilton’s The Keraunograph Ensemble. As said the track comes pulled from a new Eighth Towers set by the name ‘Labyrinth’ that gathers togethers 22 of the undergrounds finest exponents of sound sculpturing – early subscribers can grab a super limited 50 only double CD of the collection. https://eighthtowerrecords.bandcamp.com/track/silent-chaos-daedalus-of-possibilities 

Adored around these here parts, just out or if not, then very imminent, this is the 300 only limited 7 inch from Static Caravan featuring a smattering of previews from Tubular Brass’ quite stirring interpretation of Michael Oldfield’s legendary ‘Tubular Bells’ – and yes all set to brass, which before you all start rolling your eyes is, I have to say, quite the listening treat not least because it brings into realisation of richly evoked pastoral quality to the table. A full album worth is out and about, a truly breath-taking masterclass – reviews coming……

Previous mentions here ….. https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/03/20/tubular-brass/ and here … https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/tubular-brass-2/

Many thanks as always to Geoff Static for sending over finished copies – that’ll be 299 copies now……

Sound clips……


press release / ordering gubbins…. http://www.staticcaravan.org/item.asp?Ref=317

…and a video capturing the ensemble performing live last year with Hannah Peel……

Currently selling for silly prices on discogs, finally we’ve managed to secure a copy of our own of the third vinyl instalment of ‘the lost tapes record club’ series – though not before discovering that there’s now a Volume 4 kicking around in desperate need of tracking down and given a welcoming home here. So, setting aside equal moments of cheer and grumbling, this here limited 250 numbered set – ours is #115 in case you are taking notes – was briefly mentioned here at  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/02/27/the-lost-tapes-record-club-ep3/ – a limited vinyl pressing of something that originally appeared on cassette in a strictly limited nature way back in 2013. Alas our copy appears to be a little light with the download coupon, the set featuring 8 tracks is curated by those impish dudes the Clinic. In short, a must have addition to any well-ordered Radiophonic / Hauntology’s collection and I dare say something that ought to go down well with those much admiring of the Wonderful Sound imprint – see the Superimposers et al not least the the playfully envisaged opener ‘Nuclear war’ by urban collector which hints something of a wonderfully woozy laid-back lounge vintage. Those of you preferring your sounds a little more cosmically orbital as though on board a celestial carousel might warm to the serenely star flavoured ‘five four’ by Professor Isaac Turton which all said has the kind retro craftmanship much beloved of those Trunk folk and here I’m thinking of Basil Kirchin and Tristram Cary albeit smoked through the lens of the Monsterism island crew. Add in a briefly beautiful dream sequence by Laurie Carroll with ‘hotel’ –  very ghost box-y and a ‘stylophone interlude’ built over a driving Afrobeat rhythm and that’s side 1 put to bed. Now I’m still sticking with our original assessment of Oscar Boothroyd’s ‘resistance’ in saying that this is a ringer for the Tornadoes ‘Telstar’ retuned by a rather snazzy sounding Barry Gray Orchestra into a twangy noir nugget in the style of the phantom surfers and shadowy men on a shadowy planet. The criminally teasingly brief ‘harvest festival interlude’ will, if it doesn’t simply blow you away with its quaintly moonage dream drift-man-ship, might well have you stapling down the repeat button for maximum loved up effect. Somewhere else ‘sniggery wood’ by the mysterious Burrymen Four is the sound of a classic era Tunng in cahoots with Sproatly Smith being rejigged by a clear stoned out on a diet of early 70’s cult film viewing – say ‘psychomania’ and ‘die screaming Marianne’ while wrapping up matters on this particular volume is Jellyroll with ‘heartbeat’ hazily high on a simply divine bucolic spraying of ‘cobras’ era Stereolab, le superhomard and beautify junkyards motifs – utterly seductive, slinky and dare we say quite sensual.  

Harking back to the days of those Crass and Cherry Red ethic of ‘pay no more than…..’ platters from the early 80’s, ‘the harbinger sound sampler’ is a mammoth two disc vinyl set featuring twenty tracks – some rare vault finds others showcasing unheard talents currently scowling disquietly beneath the surface of the underground, all for the princely sum of £3.99 – yes you read right, £3.99 – two slabs of wax, no fillers here just seething discontent from the street which judging by various online liner notes was dispatched as a ‘fuck RSD’ release. If I’m honest, this had us much recalling the sadly missed filthy little angels imprint in so far as its snot nosed scuzziness and breadth of becoming anti pop angst festering through the grooves, for featured here are a smattering of known talents – Sleaford Mods handsomely filling the swear box to brimming and doing a sterling and somewhat seedy take on John Cooper Clarke c. ‘Beasley street’ albeit as though backed by a shit faced accompaniment of Happy Mondays and Flowered Up folk courtesy of ‘fat tax’. Elsewhere though the set opens to the incurably adorable skittish and pogo pop of the Toylettes – thing X-Ray Spex with turbo rockets up their hides followed impatiently by the sharply abrupt and discordantly obtuse contortion pop of Mark Wynn. And did we open this critique with mention of Crass, coincidentally Steve Ignorant’s slice of life appear with the Lupen Crook snarling sounding ‘your day will come’. I’ll be honest in saying we here are more than a little taken with consumer electronics’ ‘And at Any Rate, It’s Already Too Late’ not least because it’s just so insanely skewed and deranged in a white-hot melt banana way. Opening side 2 you’ll find Mark Durgan with the oddly sore thumbing ‘singsong generator’ which in truth is anything but, freakish frequency manipulations of what sounds like bees in a bottle doing a Sunday afternoon at the promenade brass recital while John Paul rains insults aplenty on the minimalist moocher ‘sissy and ada’ – kind of Vichy Government in a headlock with Captain Polaroid. Up next Future Commuter stump up the rather dreamy electro waltz that is ‘Deliah not Deliah’ sounding into the bargain like something that fell on the cutting floor of one of those superb Bedroom Ambience sets put out many years ago by Enraptured. Those of you fancying your sounds grizzled in chill wave isolationism might do well to check out Circuit Breaker’s ‘Duplicate’ which to these ears have more than an air of the Passage about its wares. Wrapping up side 2 a darkly tense live treatment of ‘father’ by Sudden Infant, one I suspect for all you Pawlowski / Deus related groove. Both Phil Juan’s ‘blanking’ and plain jerk’s ‘of course they fucking do’ provide the opening segment of the collections the third side with a spot of noise niking gymnastics, the former a molten mass of subterranic minimalist glitch brutally punctuated by elephantine squeals with the latter providing of face frying demented diodes frazzling exercise in caustic circuitry, the type of which I’m minded to admit wouldn’t look too out of place sitting on a bearsuit imprint release. Finger jabbing and nagging art pop discordance appears to be the order of the day for Massicot’s ‘Kokteilis’ as the teeter loosely on a seesaw sitting somewhere between ..and the native hipsters and swell maps while Pisse really do sound as though they’ve fallen off an early 80’s Peel mix tape of German bands with unpronounceable names, think DAF in a studio face off with Front 242. That said one of the collections finest moments must surely be Karies’ ‘Es Lachte’ as it splinters from its early 80’s post punk austere, one minute sounding as though its missed the final edit of New Order’s ‘movement’ before emerging from the chill ablaze in the frenzied fracturing of panic attacking sky siren riffage. Finally, to Side 4, the place where all the goodies lurk. Streets ahead in the voting here for the award for best moment of the compilation though goes hands down to the Urinals whose howling cowpunk gouged ‘the girl before’ freewheels to forge a kinship with classic era Violent Femmes and the Orsen Family. Mind you both Frustration’s ‘no drawback’ and the lowest form’s ‘5’ are no slouches in the affection stakes, the former a blizzard of high wiring scab lancing sci-fi-tronic dayglo punk-a -boogie a la the Henderson’s meets beatnik filmstars while the latter provide a scalding no nonsense no prisoners taken hardcore headbutt that hints of several of their number being more than a tad familiar with the ways of the legendary Earache imprint and latter-day imps Brew records. Chaos UK just pure unadulterated up close and personal straight in your face oi oi oi punk classicism    while rounding up matters the sonic terrorism of Treriksröset’s ‘blurred lines’ will if nothing else in terms of exacting an adoring emotional response, will at least syringe your earlobes and sandblast all outlining areas in the radius of your turntable, for Sissy Spacek purists one suspects. http://harbingersound.bigcartel.com/

You’ll have to excuse us while we rummage through our laptop for that promised Le SuperHomard remix download for review, you know the one, featuring Lake Ruth and a few like-minded folks all paying homage to this most underrated and criminally overlooked ensemble all gathered to stamp their impression upon the track ‘dry salt in our hair’. Anyhow while we send out scouting bots to seek out the errant file here’s Gum’s adorably affectionate retrimming which like the Lake Ruth reboot has a distinct ‘dots and loops’ tailoring about its wares albeit here harvested upon a divinely lounge reclining Balearic idyll all swooned by trippily toned tropicalic trims which by these ears smokily seduce with a St Etienne fashioning.


Interlude……lost lovelies…..pony taylor, cucumber, stereoscope jerk explosion, remington super 60, valvola, micromars, martin roth….

Pony taylor……


 Stereoscope jerk explosion….

Remington super 60….



Martin Roth…….

Rescued from an attempted sneaking out of sight down the back of the setee, this is the debuting ‘sampler’ release from the UK arm of the respected Modern Sky imprint of China. Available on all platforms as well as a strictly limited 10 inch wax variant in a choice of coloured sleeves, we opted for red, the set gathers together a quartet of hotly tipped combos opening to the fleet footed and soaring sound of Catholic Action with the stirring and tightly wound strut coiled gusto of ‘doing well’. Somewhere else there’s the sugar rush of the lushly hushed amorphous ‘lucid dreams’ from Violet Youth which in truth has more than a passing air of a subdued Psychedelic Furs about its persona, a slow to burn dream dazed lovely crushed in vapour trailing kisses aplenty whose softly majestic lilt shimmers to a more pop pristine and shyly vulnerable hinting of the Church. Over on the flip sit adoringly waiting Fuss and Pixey, the former of whom stump up ‘Fluff’ a hazily effervescent and dizzyingly willowy dream drift succulently ghosted in lazy eyed sunsets and type of a tasty easy on the ear trickery that used to grace releases bearing the name Butterflies of Love on their hide, while the latter, not to be outdone in the adorable stakes, execute some niftily euphoric and jubilantly radiant joy in the shape of ‘hometown’ which comes festooned in all manner of nimbly picked afrobeat chimes which had us much reminiscent it has to be said of the Four Brothers which by our reckoning is no bad thing and dare I so no mean feat. http://www.modernsky.uk


what kind of strange enchantment be this, the story goes the track initially featured backdropping a Volvo advert, so smitten where the viewing public that they petitioned for it to be released as a single. Oft drawing comparisons to Bjork, ‘erupt’ is the debuting release of be the bear who better known to kith n’ kin as emerging Swedish talent Christina Wehage has crafted an amorphous and ethereal musical snow globe that at once bewitches, beguiles and seduces in equalling measure. Within its sub four-minute visitation a magical spellcradft unfurls, arced by a lushly toned genuflecting symphonia, this beautified fantasia arrests, pierced between cooing wood crafted folk mosaics and a sense of ghost lit mystique Ms Wehage soars with a sweetly euphoric grace atop a sepia crushed glacial wonderland, in short quite touchingly sublime. https://soundcloud.com/bethebear/erupt

the advert that sparked it all…….

Mentioned these folk way back at the tail end of last year –  somewhere here in fact https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/12/08/mahr/ whereupon we did question this strange notion put forward by their press folk that were dark ambient. Anyhow a new EP has emerged from Mahr that indeed features the track in question that we found ourselves so beguiled by – ‘the watcher’ be its name in case you were taking notes. The EP is titled ‘the wretched’ which title alone might conjure up all manner of dark deeds and the hint of ne’er do wellin afoot, yet wrong you’d be for thinking such because opener ‘the ceremonial dance’ is pressed upon a seductively ethereal ghost lit motif swathed in celestial whispers all aglow in a mesmeric radiance, really is quite enchanting in a curiously coded Dead Can Dance meet Preterite way, alas our freebie listening credits are at an end so you might have to wait till the end of the week for a fuller review.  https://mahr.bandcamp.com/album/the-wretched

This earful of creepiness is heading out shortly via the esteemed Sonic Entrails imprint, by we believe the Doxey Boggart – though that may well be the title of the soundtrack – a 2 x CD and DVD plus inserts eerie extravaganza examining ‘a dark local folklore legend set in deepest darkest Staffordshire, England’ – the set promises to be a chilling listening experience whereupon the lines of modern life and a very ancient evil converge and blur pouring forth a supernatural disquiet as old as time.

Trailer here……


talking of Sonic Entrails, seems we’ve missed a few releases since they last featured here, the latest of which from John E Smoke entitled ‘the battle after tomorrow’ is something of a grim dystopian future telling. Political messaging set atop a grim grinning gloom gouged minimalist tonality appears to be the order of the day on the icily isolationist ‘medicine taken’ while ‘mobbed’ is assumed and consumed by a whole new level of disquieting eeriness, which despite its beautifully poised star sighed shimmering and cosmic lilt, engages a sense of deep detachment and desolation that listened and viewed from afar might well serve as a post-apocalyptic epitaph. https://sonicentrails.bandcamp.com/album/john-e-smoke-the-battle-after-tomorrow 

Fancy some hell dragged apocalyptic death cry, in truth one of our many faults is that we don’t feature enough speed freaked doom metal, so while we busy ourselves downloading a forthcoming macabre mammoth from Goatwhore entitled ‘vengeful ascension’ via metal blade, here’s a sneak peek in the bludgeoning guise of ‘Chaos arcane’ – a track reputedly based on HP Lovecraft’s ‘Nyarlathotep’ provides for a no nonsense blistering aural attack whose teeth baring demonic assault scalds, scars and serrates with unflinching menace to carve deep with a fast, festering and furious gouging sense of grim finality.

Hells teeth these dudes certainly have issues, this is the ferociously angry agit gouged manic metal punk of municipal waste with ‘amateur sketch’ – a track dragged kicking and screaming from a forthcoming full length entitled ‘slime and punishment’ heading out shortly on the napalm blast imprint, very much schooled in the ways of old school Discharge, blighters likely to melt your ears just for being in earshot of.


Rare Gazza Numan video…….

Some more of the Gazza – with Battles…..

Something of a lost moment, not a new release but rather more something we tripped across when mentioning that quite spiffing Be the Bear debut – see earlier. This is the quite magically enchanting Aurora take on the Bowie classic ‘life on mars’ – it’s the sheer emotional quotient that floors you, it just oozes ache as it trembles touchingly, her revisioning delicately dinked and reformed as a sparsely sighed bitter sweet lullaby. Crushing stuff…….

In truth, this wasn’t on our planned listening schedule for the evening, but I’ll be honest in saying that we’ve been hopelessly smitten with ‘going blank again’ which recently reconnected itself to our sound system after a near twenty-five-year absence having recently found ourselves giving it a spin for posterity. All those years on, a new album imminent – later this week as it happens, via Wichita entitled ‘weather diaries’ – with this – ‘charm assault’ being sent ahead on scouting duty. Clearly on form and hitting their stride, ‘charm assault’ indeed picks up the threads from that aforementioned 90’s album, the intervening years evaporating, the band renewed, reinvigorated and connecting with their younger selves, from out of the familiar trademark chiming haze and less feedback striven melody emerges, more rounded and swiftly heeled upon a strutting biff bang pow grooving that purrs, pulses and pushes vibrantly amid a strut coiled kaleidoscopic kick.  

This has wow written all over it in huge hulking letters. Don’t be fooled by the initial sonic convulsions and critical meltdown like discordance, stick with it for what emerges is something that pilots a trajectory heading out to the dark side of Battles as it terraforms before your ears like some humungous cosmic distress call, all the time pulsing with ever sharpening intensity and urgency whilst gathering mass, definition and density pulling chaos to order into its central core, we won’t even begin to mention the choir / chorus at the end. This is Thot with ‘Icuana’- a track ripped from a future happening for Weyrd Son Records entitled ‘Fleuve’ due October time. Immense is all you need to know.  

Interlude…….chill / cold wave / minimalist electro……cabaret nocturne, inhalt, decadance, helen, sanne de neige, opale…..

Cabaret nocturne…….




Sanne de neige…..


Don’t be too surprised to see another mention for Wilder Gonzales Agreda cropping up soon, if not this missive, then very certainly the next. For now, though here’s a new split release finding him sharing sound space with Brazil based Sinestesia Letárgica for a most enthralling set entitled ‘Odebrecht nos mostre tudo’. Featuring three tracks apiece, Sinestesia Letargica for their part craft sumptuously dream weaved oceanic flottilas of mind morphing ambience, these cosmic ghost lights aside serenading and softly lilting, court to a silky and silvery starry fashioning whose delicate whisper tones sound not unlike love notes transmitted across the celestial heavens from a point of origin long since lost and once a far flung galactic outpost. Both ‘orion’ and ‘Sirius’ are both sculptured in a sonic beauty and mystique that befits their mystery and legendary status, for both these harmonies of the spheres gracefully genuflect and arc with porcelain precision. However, it’s the parting cut ‘cosmica’ that had us all agog, flirting in terrains recalling a somewhat subdued TVAM, a fixed-point shimmer tone effervescently radiating upon a divinely demurred carousel spraying bliss toning pulsars. Wil Volador on the other hand, better known of course to the wider musical community as Wilder Gonzales Agreda, assumes a more minimalist toning to his half of the split, employing a glitchy technoid tonality, there’s a busyness that crackles and hiccups throughout ‘Chica’ that much recalls the insular radiophonic handiwork of Sonic Boom’s more out there moments whilst wearing his EAR hat, here binary body pops collide, bounce and ricochet amid a sea of circuitry chatter to shine a torch on a secret micro tech civilisation awake at play and at work while you sleep. The aptly titled ‘biosfera’ really does inhabit its own biospherical climate, as previously noted, this one delves deep into a vintage electronic age of whirrs, binary modulations and alien tech manipulations to craft a distinctly stark and eerie dystopian landscape populated in shadowy strains of mind altering kosmische. All said just when you were wondering what oddness might lie in store with the onset of the parting opus ‘Noguchi’, Mr Volander pulls out of his melodic hat something rather enchanting and hitherto elegiac, in short 8 minutes of ice carved fantasia amid whose thawing extravaganza oriental mosaics and ethnobeat rhythms dreamily collide and coalesce to forge a wonderfully head tripping Reich-ish calypso. https://superspacerecords.bandcamp.com/album/odebrecht-nos-mostre-tudo

Featuring former members of For abel and evol among their number, this is the debut release from hotly tipped London based combo Crooked Teeth. Indeed, as the press release so rightly notes there’s the whiff of Moroder softly smoking away on ‘mirrors’ that’s attractively fused over an ever so subtly forlorn and fashioned nod to a ‘power corruption and lies’ / ‘thieves like us’ era New Order. That said it’s the way it attractively and amorphously purrs and snakes upon an ice cool reserve that had us here imagining some hitherto secret studio summit meeting gathering together both the much-missed Swimmer One and Birdpen into a collaborative heart heavy head to head that had us here a tad smitten. https://soundcloud.com/crooked_teeth_uk/mirrors-1/s-ElEPC

Absolutely no idea who / what and where Svper are, hail from or even where you’d hope to nail this as your own. Nice though. In fact, we’ll go a little further in saying the blighter knocked us clear off our listening perch having mischievously popped up on our sound player. Titled ‘Azul Profundo’ this honey comes marooned upon a most sublime nocturnal orbital pressed upon the kind of pristine pop engineering whose very emergence into ear vicinity will floor you in jaw dropped adoration, add in the fact that its seduction setting is off the scale not to mention its bliss factor set to maxima crush, tell me then what is there not to love. https://soundcloud.com/svper/svper-azul-profundo 

Again, another track that wasn’t on our intended evenings listening which somehow found its way onto our sound player. We suggest those of you much adoring of the likes of say, Scott William Urquhart and David A Jaycock, should be firming this up for immediate listening love. This is Hayden Pedigo with what we take to being the title track from his recently released greetings From Amarillo’ set for driftless imprint – a copy of which we must remember to track down, utterly disarming stuff for those fleet fingered fret pickers among you, indelibly nodding to both the late John Fahey and Jack Rose, the lushly vivid and warmth filled colouring he imparts to his fragile craft is simply arresting. https://soundcloud.com/driftlessrecordings/greetings-from-amarillo-mastered 

Okay I’m resigned to the fact that our evenings listening schedule has been scrambled, I must say it’s getting incredibly daft around here at the moment what with us us getting a tad giddy on all the ridiculously nifty sounds we keep inadvertently tripping over. Latest to the list a new solo happening arriving via recordiau blinc at the end of the week, a solo EP outing from Bethan Mai of Rogue Jones entitled ‘Bach’. Seriously this borders on the almost, er, well, religious, for ‘Bach’ is an electronic hymnal cut with the measured ice cool minimalism you’d rightly expect to imagine tripping out of some Icelandic backwater, all choral mantras, clock working regal keys and all manner of twinkling trims, admittedly goes a bit Add N to X  at times, no bad thing there and something which from out of the chanting fog emerges an enchanting glow sprayed in  softly euphoric radiance. Similarly touched in an ethereal sepia framed warmth,  ‘Aderyn pur’ you feel oddly sits out of place in these summer months, rather more in search of a wintry campfire to huddle around partaking of a seasonal soiree, yet soon it delicately fractures and to the onset of a mutant motorik underpin a crooked cornucopia of distractive delights weirdly woos its way into jubilantly playful view. ‘Wedi Mynd’ brings matters to a close though not before bringing you to your knees beneath the aching weight of its crushing intimacy, would I be right in saying notes and nods to a certain Bats for Lashes aren’t very far in the reference stakes. https://blincrecords.com/roguejones/

Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


End grooves…..  

The Clash…..

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