Hell these dudes sound like they are having way too much fun, why it be Mower, one time beloved around these parts and by a certain Graham Coxon whose Transcopic imprint had them leading the labels brief but bright charge to the local record emporium counter. Constant gigging and a plethora of ear hugging releases brought their toll resulting in their stratospheric ascendancy being abruptly halted as the band self imploded. I’ll be honest in saying that we here were gutted by the news, the blighters were pretty nifty in the cobbling of ear candy riff ripped cool back in the day. That said, over a decade later and on the back of a handful of well received and rare live appearances, Mower have reconvened, its mooted that plans for an album are afoot heralded by a teaser trailing and dare i say, blistering sonic statement of intent in the shape of a forthcoming digital taster entitled ‘under the iron thumb’ sometime later July – 21st as it happens via reckless yes records. In truth a formidable return to the fray, just over 2 and a half minutes of high adrenalin stylus gouging that’s up close and very personal from the off, a grizzled garage blues howler with more kick than a show horse on heat, a lean and mean primitively raw and toned sonic six pack kissed in all manner of serated riffage and punch you out cold fury n’ blessed with a strutting swing to die for, reference wise – think bad assed Cream with the Who in a choking headlock. links to come hopefully…..

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