revolutions of a 45 kind mix tape…..

Must admit to being a bit lax with these things, but we’ve a mix tape type thing going on at

…….we suggest particular attention be made of the parting cut, a PTV cover by Midnight Garden which we’ll be mentioning in greater detail a little later today……x 

Laurie Shaw – Juice

The Whitley Cock — Danzig

Lake Ruth — Dry Salt In Our Hair (Le SuperHomard Cover)

Fanatic Promotion — Fawns of Love – That’s What We Do

The Sun’s Evil Twin — 05 – Stoned Awhile

93MMFTS – Official — Yesterday Morning

afmusic — Principe Valiente – Wildest Flowers

Synths Versus Me — M N T N Y (Premaster)


 ShitKid – “Two Motorbikes”

rioblack — Atomic Neon – Dust (homedemo)

OLMS — When Youre Feeling Low

Sound in the Distance — This Cold Night – Cold Snow

Состояние сияния – Антарктида

The Corrupting Sea — Moving Forward

Concretism — Spadina Beach

Midnight Garden — White Nights (Psychic TV Cover)

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