as you can rightly imagine, we here are regularly seduced by releases whose perfection, poise and pristine play have us teetering perilously on the backfoot with jaws agape. Occasionally though through the charge of such sounds, something weaves woozily to wander into the listening space that leaves you going just simply wow and with that leaving you momentarily speechless and floored. One such delight, the quietly arresting ‘Habibi’ by Egyptian / Belgium songwriter Tamino, takes up its sonic scalpel to literally cut deep. A track spun with such sparse delicacy that its hard to imagine how by its first chorus your gripped as though a prisoner to it emotional intensity. Indeed his press folk make comparable reference to Jeff Buckley and rightly so for here there is solace majestic burning to a slow smoulder here, its bruised brushstrokes seductively circling about you drawing you deep into in welling noir shadowland, all said if you prefer your sound descriptors comfortably boxed and labelled then may we suggest that admirers of a youthful Hush the Many, Rhys Marsh and most pertinently, Her Name is Calla will be the foremost sent into fainting swoons each time it wanders into earshot. Available via the unday imprint. https://soundcloud.com/undayrecords/tamino-habibi-1/s-CwP82

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