brian eno

Blimey the bank manager is going to have kittens, either that or i suspect August’s diet will be strictly noodles, rice and water. Why you might ask, well we must have the entire quartet of Eno remasters heading out of the UMC / Virgin EMI sound house. Not just ordinary remasters mind, these have been remastered at half speed and spread across two slabs of vinyl intended for 45rpm play – the effect being that the sounds are expanded and loosened up, the albums set for treatment are ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’, ‘Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)’, ‘Another Green World’ and ‘Before and after Science’- between you and me if it was just one of these for the choosing then it has to be the landmark ‘Another Green World’ – in a word so far ahead of the curve it leaves the rest fashionably pedestrian in comparison, anyhow we could ramble on and on about why you need it in your life but instead we’ll settle for a few videos featuring of the Eno dude…..

half speed teaser…

‘behind the reflection’ documentary…..

Early in Eno in 4 minutes….

Eno, Bowie and Visconti…behind the Wizard’s curtain…..

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