Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 25.0….w/e 24/06/2017

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 25.0….w/e 24/06/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….


Holygram, the clientele, gene pick, Состояние сияния, Lloyd, nick nicely, the corrupting sea, the radiophonic workshop, silent em, electro in black, in a lonely place, she past away, girls under glass, 2VM, Jessica moss, total failure system, the bordellos, meme Vivaldi, alley catss, the beatles, wilder Gonzales agreda, Opus Fini, martin dupont, norma loy, bunker strasse, coldreams, satin wall, baroque bordello, rob michalchuk, diagnos, tomorrow syndicate, psychic tv, vic mars, black rabbit of inle, james murray, de gaer, sendelica, Lilith le morte, dusty mush, paul Jacobs, new routines, dead rider, grateful dead, revolution of a 45 kind, midnight garden, mower, shit and shine, tension, ian haygreen, john e smoke, john 3:16, this cold night, tamino, travelling wave, atomic neon, ohms, the tea company, the smoke, the move, the Kinks, the Pretty Things, the Hollies, the Lemon Drops, Bump, squrl, snub tv, the grateful dead, Michael potter, about a million, brian cant….

Before you all start complaining, yes yes yes i am aware that this has been out for ages and that you are all so over it having no doubt played and loved it to death in equal measure, but this blighter has been burning holes in our headspace since interrupting our now torn to pieces listening schedule. It be by Holygram with a track by the name ‘distant light’ – a bit of a cosmic bruiser this ‘un and not for the first time this missive alone had us much recalling the frankly awesome Eat Lights Become Lights though here as though having undergone a transfusion of Hookworms, certainly something that ought to be high on the listening radar of all you sonic cathedral / rocket recording admirers. https://soundcloud.com/fergo-gonz-iii/holygram-distant-light  

Alas only a brief excerpt but enough of a hint of the magic promised, i’m sure you’ll agree, of new happenings arriving soon via tapete from the Clientele. A softly peeled album due in September entitled ‘music from the age of miracles’ from which will be previewed a download only single by the name ‘lunar days’ at the fall of July. With hints of the Zombies and Donovan arresting its lazy eyed wistfulness, this hushed honey delicately murmurs to a breezily glowed 60’s vintage, the trademark feintness and deftness of melodic allure adorably ever-present and in attendance, though here seductively smouldered in a becoming baroque beguiling. https://soundcloud.com/tapete-records/the-clientele-lunar-days/s-3Jew4   

I’m guessing that had Dylan – our music loving all day lounging, sleeping and preening in house cat – had been around instead of being on a holiday break at a friends sunning himself and from what we hear, assuming a territorial guard of a conservatory that he now deems his own, then he would have been no doubt climbing walls frantically at this point on hearing sounds pitched to such high-end frequencies that cause dogs to howl and birds to fall from the sky. Still, in his holiday absence, it makes for the ideal weapon to repel feckless neighbours and other known – apparently human –  oiks and into the bargain gives you a freebie ear syringing. This is from a recently released cassette set via monorail traspassing by Gene Pick entitled ‘adhesion coefficient’ – this ‘un being ‘impedance bond’ – very Tayside Mental Health albeit without the impish humour angle, instead flatlining shreds of high intensity sandblasts and squirreling skree , bit like the  imagined sound of a dentists drill burrowing away inside your headspace if i’m being totally honest, of course thoroughly essential if only for the annoying agitant factor.  https://soundcloud.com/monorailtrespassing/impedance-bond-excerpt   

Here’s a little something we here feel might be the cause of a few interested raised eyebrows from the Polytechnic Youth community, by Состояние сияния who we’ve absolutely no information on i’m sad to say, this is ‘Антарктида’ – a track that simply oozes both mystique and a sense of a chill formed cold war thawing as though it had been resuscitated from a 70’s deep freeze albeit rephrased with techno refit, not unlike a playful Orbital in a head to head with Polypores now that i come to think of it. Any info greatly welcomed. https://soundcloud.com/statuslight/sostoyanie-siyaniya-antarktida  

Again another sampler cut from a must have cassette release that’s somehow found itself wandering into our listening space. Out via the previously unknown to us way sinners pass imprint, this is Lloyd with a track entitled ‘one large rooms’ – something prized from a long sold out cassette set by the name ‘myth of intents’. Now not wishing to get all morbid on you, this dream draped beauty is the imagined sound of your last breathe as you pass through the veil and follow the white light, utterly soothing and somewhat calmingly transcendental, not i hasten to add prime listening while your driving mind, in short a beautifully rejuvenating experience and a secret moment to escape the trials and tribulations of a testing and demanding modern world.  https://soundcloud.com/llllllllloyd/one-large-rooms  

Apologies are due to the Corrupting Sea whose recently released debut full length ‘Samatta’ we’ve erroneously managed to thus far neglect, so while we fire up the steam powered gramophone in readiness for fond words to fly, here’s a sneak peek from a new forthcoming EP due to attract admiring glances sometime next month through the somewhere cold imprint. This is the simply monumental ‘moving forward’ – a sonic colossus occupying a nine minute stay, a brooding behemoth cut sublimely within a stirring quietly majestic wide screen framing, slow to burn almost hypnotic, the initial moments scored with a claustrophobic tension almost blooded in apocalyptic portent. Shy of the 5 minute mark an awakening, soon the darkening clouds break and softly fade, choral keys emerge exacting a peacefully graceful radiance and calm where once there was a shadowfalling stillness, the effect much like the onset of a cavalry on the distant horizon, reference wise, the stately grandeur of the fading moments of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s ‘Stanlow’ clipped, frozen and magnified tenfold. https://soundcloud.com/the-corrupting-sea/moving-forward      

More tapete tastiness incoming, this one is pencilled in for September time swoons, a new full length from Nick Nicely entitled ‘sleep safari’ which thus far has already found itself heralded by the digital appearance of a download single ‘ghostdream’ which we mentioned in passing somewhere here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/nick-nicely-4/ – alas as with the Clientele forthcoming, only snippets for now to tease and tantalise your turntable. A most magical affair that finds Mr Nicely in intimate moods, ‘rainmaker’ in particular catching the lobes, it being marooned amid oodles of kosmische garlands and starry twinkle sets all trimmed with a most affecting nocturnal chic attaching. Somewhere else the haunting magic land that is ‘solar wind’ rattles and snakes to flicker and flirt in club land shadows, all very smoking and kissed with a sophisticated allure.  https://soundcloud.com/tapete-records/sets/nick-nicely-sleep-safari-album-preview      

Hot on the heels of their recently released ‘burials in several earths’ full length, here’s a limited cassette release from the Radiophonic Workshop that’s exclusive only to Bleep. ‘everything you can imagine is real’ features two extended suites – full reviews to come when we manage to nab copies as our own in the coming days. For now two sampler edits feature on the Bleep site, the first ‘Picasso’ provides for a sumptuous mind morphing odyssey that touches base with Fruits de Mer ever presents Craig Padilla and Astralasia and crafts a kosmische tweaked sonic biospherical pod literally teaming with life, the effect both dreamy and mesmeric is tailored upon a tripping fantasia. Over on the flip, a reworking by Rupert Clervaux, here retooled as ‘the proximity of texture to context’, relocates and rethreads it with a delightfully playful and funky skin, the Moogish tones kissed with a kookily laid back 70’s vintage respoked as were, through the impish eye of Wagon Christ.  https://bleep.com/release/85986-the-radiophonic-workshop-everything-you-can-imagine-is-real?utm_source=Bleep&utm_campaign=4ce55b1b9d-The+Radiophonic+Workshop+Exclusive+Cassette&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_db8ca97389-4ce55b1b9d-2062969   

Interlude…..cold wave / post punk….silent em, electro in black, in a lonely place, she past away, girlds under glass, 2VM….

Silent em……

Electro in black….

In a lonely place…..

She past away….

Girls under glass….


Ah….nothing quite beats a spot of, how the label describe it, ‘furious jazz noise electronics’ – clearly disciples of Albert Ayler, though that’ll be Mr Ayler laying down some nifty grooves while he has the men in to sandblast the innards of his playing room, this is for your discerning ear Total Failure System with the waywardly skedaddled ‘truthlessness’ – something i’m very saddened to say appears to be an integral default setting of the folk who run to ruin this fine and decent nation. Still swiftly on before i start getting all politically angry, this slice of caustic oddness is from a set heading out of the muteant sounds imprint entitled ‘denagration’ – something i must say that has had us rummaging and rifling through countless boxes trying to nab our prized copies of inside ov a butchers shop’s blink and they went CD’s for comparison, all frazzling moogs and squealing tenor sax recitals what’s more the blighter is free to download, talking about gift horses and staring.  https://muteantsoundsnetlabel.bandcamp.com/album/denigration      

If their bandcamp page is correct then there’s just two copies left of the strictly limited ‘life, love and Billy Fury’ set by the Bordellos via the recordiau prin imprint, it’s a little detail that both cheers and irks us on two levels, I mean to the 18 who’ve thus far subscribed, as the Cramps would have it, ‘you’ve got good taste’ – then again, twenty copies clearly undervalues a sentiment thoroughly endorsed here in our gaff, that these folk are this nation’s saving grace. Full reviews arriving soon of their latest, for now though another brief (as you young people would have it) bigging up in order to jimmy up a few more coins to the combos coffers, todays favourite track from the set be ‘loneliness of the late night shopper’ – something you’d imagine sneaked in the second half of a late night Peel playlist schedule, tucked in between some unnamed slice of locked looped techno oddness and some rarity unearthed of paper rustling nose picking folk from middle earth, just as the listening world were beginning to lull into – dare i say – sleepful slumber. Anyhow along comes this ‘un to shove you out of your drifting malaise, one of those slow to burn moments which without fanfare, fuss or shout-iness finds itself burrowing its way beneath your skin much like one of those Sarah records endorced Orchids releases, in truth sounds very Decoration – remember them…… https://recordiauprin.bandcamp.com/album/life-love-billy-fury    

Found posted on the esteemed Wire magazine web site, a video collage supporting ‘glaciers II’ by Jessica Moss, a track lifted from her current ‘pools of light’ set for Constellation’. In actual fact the track itself fuses both ‘glaciers II, parts I and II’ together atop a visual montage filmed and edited by Jessica herself. A most affecting slice of sighing bitter sweetness that labours heavily pulling tight on the emotional strings, that’s not to say there’s no beauty nor majesty here, expressively awash in oodles are both though tempered, torn and turned in a softly delicate and devastating tear stained reflective twelve minute suite. 

A tour continues……

Sunday 18 June, Brighton – Green Door

Tuesday 20 June, Galway – Róisín Dubh

Thursday 22 June, Belfast – The Limelight

Friday 23 June, Dublin – DBD at The Mezz

Saturday 24 June, Glasgow – Stereo

Sunday 25 June, Newcastle – The Cluny

Tuesday 27 June, Colchester – Colchester arts centre


Guaranteed to be the endless source of argument, laughter and pompous conjecture, the entire Beatles song craft ranked worst to best, by er – a Bill Wyman – wondering what bags the top spot, well it isn’t ‘She’s leaving home’ that’s for sure which alas nealy makes it to the top of the wrong end……


Another release we found ourselves happily tripping over, indeed its been out for a while, yet by our reckoning still worthy of another earful not least for the fact that it skips, dances and flirts in all manner of affectionate kookiness, anyhow its by Meme Vivaldi, entitled ‘smile’ it’s a track lifted from a cassette doing the rounds on roof garden records and poor little music, quite ethereal and dreamlike if you ask me and precociously playful in the way it sound structure dissolves to impatiently shapeshift at every given turn. https://soundcloud.com/roofgardenrecords/rg-007-meme-vivaldi-smile  

Again another release that’s been out for a wee while and strictly speaking wasn’t on our intended playlist for the evening, however we must admit to being a tad taken with the way this particular track seems to blend and fuse moments of harshened glitch with euphoric glazes of ethereal haloes, the effect is quite alluring in the balancing of noise and dream motifs / light – dark sonic elements, something i suggest that would be up the listening street of those folk once subscribing to releases put out by tigerbeat, small fish and fat cat records with reference to their early split series catalogue. Anyhow its by Alley Catss, the track is called ‘end’ and beyond that the information trail runs cold. https://soundcloud.com/alleycatss/end  

interlude…..post punk /cold wave II – Opus Fini, martin dupont, norma loy, bunker strasse, coldreams, satin wall, baroque bordello….

Opus Fini…..

Martin dupont…..

Norma loy…….

Bunker strasse……

Baroque bordello…..


Satin wall…..

I’ll start by saying that this isn’t the intended release we promised earlier from Wilder Gonzales Agreda, seems while our back was turned he’s only gone a sneaked another release on his bandcamp site. A two track entitled ‘porno’ finds him inhabiting the psychotropic stratas of dub with ‘No puedo con la depre’ seemingly in its initial moments ushering into Suicide terrains albeit as though their 45’s were being played at a more genteel and smoking 33rpm pacing and assumeing a curiously becoming seductive and sultry shadowy clubland toning that evermore descends into glitch grooved personas. ‘porno’ on the other hand, at nine minutes in length, is the more head tripped happening of the equation, at least where various toasters and electrical appliances are concerned, more micro-tech explorations, again as previously, playfully populated by a kookily warping display of whirring oddness, diode scrambles, binary trickery and some quite wonky oscillating overtures much like as it happens EAR in a face off with Add N to X.  https://superspacerecords.bandcamp.com/album/porno-ep-2   

First there was the return of vinyl, then the coming of the trusty cassette and in some quarters signs of a returning romance with the flexi disc – as much the cheerleading goes about digital streaming, it seems old school beats all hands down as the more clued in generation return to discover long since thought discarded mediums. Perhaps it all is a retro fashioning statement, part tongue in cheek part wannabe hipster that fires this desire, not that we here are complaining, annoyingly it just means the record labels finding new ways of selling ‘dark side of the moon’ back to for the zillionth time. Why are we rambling such you may wonder, well simply so that we can edge along and offer up for possible consideration the much maligned floppy disc, I mean this is really going to burn the heads of hipster folk wondering what the hell they do with an oversized floppy card that fits diddly squat in terms of musical file size. Just seven of these available, two already gone leaving 5 – hell i’m almost tempted myself and are they really sure they can shoehorn 19 minutes of sound on it, seems so. Latest release from the previously mentioned poor little music imprint of Ontario, a real curious sore thumb from Rob Michalchuk entitled ‘Warp Factor’. Now the story goes the keys were recorded way back in ’89 and revisited again recently whereupon a brooding alto sax was laid over the top – hence i guess the novel notion of putting the track on floppy disc, the sounds aren’t bad either, okay a little wayward, somewhat gloomy and rain drenched, though that said something groaned in a noir trimming that one might expect to find William S Burroughs narrating overtop. https://poorlittlemusic.bandcamp.com/album/rob-michalchuk-warp-factor-plm153-35-floppy-disk  

Took us a wee while, as promised sound links for that rather spiffing forthcoming cutie from Diagnos, in fact a video, talk about spoiling you. This slab of coolly toned kosmische comes prized from an incoming self titled full length through the control freak kitten imprint by Diagnos which we’ve thus far found ourselves sosmitten by that we featured it twice – see here  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/05/26/diagnos-2/ and here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/diagnos/ – the track in question ‘be good’ comes sumptuously piped in lunar garlands and the kind of celestial spraying that suggests its authors be admirers of a vintage futuristic chic, that said those of you much fancying of the retro /futuro mosaics populated upon vinyl by the likes of the palace of swords and the tomorrow syndicate should find much here to adore.

Talking of Tomorrow Syndicate, I don’t think i’m breaking any confidences when i say that these folk are currently busy constructing cosmic happenings for a planned polytechnic youth happening. We know more but we fear being zapped into the vortex, so hush hush for now. Mind you that doesn’t deter us from fondly gushing over their latest sonic statement of intent, ‘dark matter’ is a lunar love note from a lost yesterday that purrs with the same coolly calibrated crystalline classicism that appears to smother the rarefied appearances of Dan Carney’s Astronauts alter ego in silken starry eyed seduction albeit here toned, trimmed and tinkered upon a template that nods to ‘viva’ era La Dusseldorf.

You can expect very fond words very soon for these two very special remastered represses from Sacred Bones and Dais. A brace of lost nuggets from Psychic TV originally released in the 80’s. How time flies and with it how you forget just how strangely odd and rubbing against the fashionable consensus these two sets were, we talk of course of ‘alegory and self’ and ‘pagan day’- both due to land 14th July and both proving pivotal moments in the PTV pantheon, the former a tripping myriad of wyrd 60’s psychedelic collages from whose grooves the Brian Jones homage ‘Godstar’ radiated while the latter, a sketchbook of ideas of sorts featured the fractured and sinister ‘cadaques’ as an opener, a slice of eerie psychosis disturbia in search of a late 60’s Hammer Horror set with which to adore. In truth ‘pagan day’ is the better of the twin set, though don’t discount the former for here lurking in the looming shadows is the darkly tripping ‘thee dweller’, the Velveteen ‘baby’s gone away’ and the tensing taught psychedelic freakshow that is ‘starlit mire’.

Press release details and pre order info as follows along with a rare interview and the video for ‘Godstar’……

‘Shortly before Christmas 1984, the core songwriters, Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson, of underground arts collective Psychic TV quietly released a limited edition record containing sketches and ideas for songs. Some songs would become later fully-realized arrangements, some abandoned and others were just covered in praise of their creator. The record, in recognition of its seasonal release, was simply titled “A Pagan Day” and would capture the intimate songwriting sessions that were prevalent during crucial time in the band’s career.

In classic Psychic TV fashion, rumors and myths surround the albums creation.  Most have suggested that it was recorded in a single session over a cup of coffee on a lone 4-track cassette recorder above an old YMCA building in London, though later revealed that the recordings were from various sessions over the course of a couple years prior to the record’s release.   After quickly pressing the songs to vinyl, the record was originally only available through Rough Trade for a few hours on December 23, 1984 and pressed on picture discs, which adorned a photo of P-Orridge’s first born, Caresse, in exactly 999 copies.  The pressing sold out immediately that day which caused Temple Records, their “in-house label”, to later release a standard reissue version in 1986.

What makes the songs, or rather versions of songs, so unique is the primitive and fragile nature of the arrangements while the flimsy, immediate vocal delivery makes the album sit unknowingly between demo and fully realized album. “Baby’s Gone Away” and “New Sexuality” are just a couple examples of songs that fans of Psychic TV became intimately familiar with from live experiences but on “A Pagan Day”, they are released in their infantile stages with no full band, just Alex & Genesis finding their way through the songs with an acoustic guitar, drum machine and organ. “Cold Steel” shows a true peek behind the curtain, sung effortlessly by Fergusson and would then later become the classic standard “The Orchids”.  Most notably is the band’s cover of Pearls Before Swine’s “Translucent Carriages” of which P-Orridge accords special praise to Tom Rapp, the song’s original author and icon to both P-Orridge and Fergusson.’

‘Beginning in 1982, the conceptual audiovisual troupe labeled Psychic TV set out on a multimedia journey filled with subversion, liberation and rebellion. Materialized between Throbbing Gristle co-founder Genesis P-Orridge and Alternative TV songwriter Alex Fergusson, Psychic TV started pulling in familiar faces with the likes of Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, Paula P-Orridge, Jhonn Balance, David Tibet, John Gosling and countless others.  While the members’ previous works took root in the counterculture zeitgeist of late ‘70s UK punk and conceptual art, it was no longer a question of how to rebel against authority, but rather how to carefully subvert it through collective infiltration.  Parallel to Psychic TV, its members formed the anti-cult faction The Temple of Psychick Youth, further propagating the Psychic TV message and vision. 

While the ensuing years saw Psychic TV’s major label infection and record breaking live album release binge, it wasn’t until 1988 that the band started to ready itself for a chart-friendly pop endeavor in the form of “Allegory & Self”.  This would be the band’s most notable and successful endeavor but tragically, it would be the final songwriting collaboration between P-Orridge and Fergusson.  “Allegory and Self” was a perfect storm of catchy pop melody along with subversive counter-culture reference and occult leanings, packaged in a perfect bundle of underground hits.

The record’s opening track “Godstar”, a song gushing obsessive praise upon the fallen Rolling Stone’s member Brian Jones, would give the album it’s most notable identity.  Godstar’s melodic hooks and haunting, Phil Spector-era lyrical chant gives into to all the hallmarks of a chart-topping hit.   “Just Like Arcadia” and “Being Lost” follows in similar footsteps, charging along with a somewhat whimsical Beach Boys-esque pop quality.  The album also contained a sneak-peak into what direction Psychic TV was heading into going forward, apparent in the acid house number “She Was Surprised”.  Tracks like “Starlit Mire” and “Thee Dweller” reflect more of what the Psychic TV live experience was akin to in the ’80s, aggressive and hypnotic. All together, “Allegory and Self” would stand alone as the band’s signature apex from the original ’80s line-up’.

I’m fearing we may have missed out on this one, grrrr – new, well recent at least, polytechnic youth loveliness from Vic Mars., a full length no less entitled ‘the consumer programme’ from which we’ve managed to source this little cutie, the title track in fact, a sprightly if not wickedly kooky imp which i must say veers ever so adoringly into territories once upon a time occupied by midwich youth club, admittedly i’m feeling myself having flashbacks of flock wallpaper, spangles and tank tops which is a tad disconcerting momentarily finding myself in the violently bright colourings of 1974 – think grange hill / vision on themes done by a speeding Richard O’Sullivan – indeed him from man about the house fame, apparently a dab hand at the electronic keyboard himself….. https://soundcloud.com/vicmars/the-consumer-programme  

I know, i know, you are wondering where the hell does he get these tunes, it’s a curse i guess but we do find ourselves stumbling over all manner of gems from variously hidden quarters, such as this as the case may be. This is – we think / assume – the black rabbit of inle with ‘tripometer red’ which above and beyond that bit of information we here are at a loss to tell you more about. Still,admit it, this is damn fine, okay i’ll agree there is a sense of finality about it, but you can’t deny it’s grandeur and sense of jaw dropped stilled and stately majesty. https://soundcloud.com/kjfhnalrghqkjaru/tripometer-red    

A momentary chance to escape the rigours of modern life to a more silent, more serene and more secret place. From what we believe is a collection of revisioned moments from his extensive and already near perfected back catalogue entitled ‘floods returned’, this is James Murray with the most beguiling and somewhat touching, passing ghost light that is ‘Greenlands (Green Lane)’. An immewnsely beautiful sub six minute visitation to we suggest you’ll be hard pushed the rest of the year to find an equal in terms of its demurring detail, sense of crestfallen majesty and utter softly toned seduction, its framing and genteel genuflecting turn is exquisite whilst its masterclass in sensitivity and use of space just simply jaw dropping, make no bones this will floor as its icy structure thaws to reveal waking silver orbs gathering in unison to charm and allure in celestial shimmer toned formations with their lunar dawn chorus. Available through the slowcraft imprint. https://slowcraft.bandcamp.com/album/floods-returned  

I’m afraid its another of those insanely impish and intricate IDM cuties, this one entitled ‘tumult’ is by De Gaer who beyond that we have no information on, trippily busy binary beats tweaked in under the skin nibbling minimalist cyber funk, quirky sometimes skedaddled often playful, its parentage strangely drawing an ancestral root line to both Wagon Christ and Muslim Gauze by way of a short hop stay at Detroit techno central.  https://soundcloud.com/de-gaer/tumult      

Causing our listening axis to frantically wobble, those of you subscribing to the latest live set from Sendelica – ‘live in Berlin 2017’ might well find themselves woozed aboard a trippily head frying arabesque astral happening in the guise of a newly peeled track by the name ‘lost city of Cardiza’. I mean bonged out doean’t even touch it, more over a full on kaleidoscopic pill gorged upon snaking Marrakech mosaics and mystical mirages, so off its scon you’re liable to get high just being in earshot of the blighter, those with a thing for reference markers try imagining Ariel Kalma in a face off with Seven That Spells  and then some. Full reviews arriving. https://sendelica.bandcamp.com/album/sendelica-live-in-berlin-2017  

Those of you fancying a spot of murder in the dark sore thumb sonics might want to chance your hand with ‘Onironauti’ by Lilith le Morte. Heavily claustrophobic not to mention stricken in taught tension, between the shadow playing an oddly push pull macabre agitates throughout the prowling angular post punk grooved contortions persistening nagging and prickling with disquieting unrest drawing forth a finger jabbing psychosis looming which to these ears sounds much like Xmal Deutschland injected with SPK toxins.  

If i recall rightly this swamp twang dude of bad boogie is being put out by a three way label gathering of howlin banana, stolen body and yippee ki yay types, ripped from a current ‘cheap entertainment’ full length this is Dusty Mush with the frankly smoking cool strut induced shades adorned ‘Fullpipe’, truly wayward and bad ass not too mention psychedelically fuzz scuzzed and freaked out and devilishly primitive. Any questions…….

How did we miss this one, been out a year or so i’m a tad embarrassed to say, only now worrying our turntable. This is Paul Jacobs with ‘human emotion’ – a track which i must say is causing all manner of adoring dizziness in our gaff right this moment, a scuzzed up slice of surfadelic dayglo freak pop, plenty of fuzz and dollops of wayward wonkiness, almost reminds me of those classic early Am Rep releases, any information greatly appreciated.

Bordering on the ridiculous now, over here we are knee deep in quality sounds struggling fast to find time to rifle through them all, that said this one found itself racing fast into our qffections. The opening track from a set just out through the pulver and asche imprint of Switzerland, a new and dare i say monumental colossus by New Routines Every Day entitled ‘You Never Know What Is Enough / Unless You Know What Is More Than Enough’ – the track in question ‘Maybe those who were here before’ will alone set tongues a wagging and have the in tune underground cognoscenti simply swooning, a 10 minute titan finitely cut with the kind of storm calling atmospheric awareness that finds it sharing a top table seating with the likes of a youthful godspeed, set fire to flames and the future kings of England in terms of its sublime use of space, poise and slow burn grandeur for emerging from out of the smoked glazed desert dry wastelands prowling in a haze of portent the fracturing howl of a calming before the storm disquiet snakes and weaves with undeterred intent and finality. In a word stunning. https://pulverundasche.bandcamp.com/track/maybe-those-who-were-here-before         

Nothing better than greeting the morning with some easy on the ear lushness, newly peeled loveliness from Concretism finds him gravitating ever more towards the coolly coalescing tones of the much missed FortDax, this murmuring moonage by the name ‘spadina beach’, arrives ushered upon the soft silken seduction of Balearic brushstrokes whose sepia vintage tones nostalgically glaze as though pressed upon dusty black and white cine film home recordings of lost seaside summers of family gatherings, certainly something to admire for all you littlebow lovers. https://soundcloud.com/concretism/spadina-beach  

On the subject of smoking, blimey this one comes with its own velvet piped jacket, cigarette holder and cocktail bar, from a forthcoming drag city happening due we believe in September entitled ‘crew licks’, this is dead rider with something of a shaken and silkily stirred seductive and sophisticated re-tooling of the Grateful Dead’s ‘ramble on rose’, a lights lowered after dark smoocher tantalisingly shot through with oodles of soul funk glitch and lashings of laid back lounge lilts, seriously – this is today’s moment of WTF was that chin to floor swoon groove.  https://deadrider.bandcamp.com/track/ramble-on-rose 

Must admit to being a bit lax with these things, but we’ve a mix tape type thing going on at https://soundcloud.com/mark-11/sets/revolutions-of-a-45-kind  

Laurie shaw juice

The Whitley Cock — Danzig

Lake Ruth — Dry Salt In Our Hair (Le SuperHomard Cover)

Fanatic Promotion — Fawns of Love – That’s What We Do

The Sun’s Evil Twin — 05 – Stoned Awhile

93MMFTS – Official — Yesterday Morning

afmusic — Principe Valiente – Wildest Flowers

Synths Versus Me — M N T N Y (Premaster)


 ShitKid – “Two Motorbikes”

rioblack — Atomic Neon – Dust (homedemo)

OLMS — When Youre Feeling Low

Sound in the Distance — This Cold Night – Cold Snow

Состояние сияния – Антарктида

The Corrupting Sea — Moving Forward

Concretism — Spadina Beach

Midnight Garden — White Nights (Psychic TV Cover)

Many thanks to Nick and Zach of Midnight Garden for sending over their newly pressed cover of the bona fide Psychic TV classic ‘white nights’ – despite the grim subject matter – relating to Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre – was there ever a more beautifully haunting track in the PTV canon – discuss. Left in the hands of Midnight Garden a near faithful interpretation blossoms, woozily glazed in a triptoning kaleidoscopic carnival trimmed with a fracturing Barrett era Floyd childhood vintage, the lysergic hazes and music hall / fairground flotillas dissolving and dissipating amid a swirling pageantry of olde psychedelia peculiar, in short a class apart. https://soundcloud.com/midnight-garden/white-nights-psychic-tv-cover   

Hell these dudes sound like they are having way too much fun, why it be Mower, one time beloved around these parts and by a certain Graham Coxon whose Transcopic imprint had them leading the labels brief but bright charge to the local record emporium counter. Constant gigging and a plethora of ear hugging releases brought their toll resulting in their stratospheric ascendancy being abruptly halted as the band self imploded. I’ll be honest in saying that we here were gutted by the news, the blighters were pretty nifty in the cobbling of ear candy riff ripped cool back in the day. That said, over a decade later and on the back of a handful of well received and rare live appearances, Mower have reconvened, its mooted that plans for an album are afoot heralded by a teaser trailing and dare i say, blistering sonic statement of intent in the shape of a forthcoming digital taster entitled ‘under the iron thumb’ sometime later July – 21st as it happens via reckless yes records. In truth a formidable return to the fray, just over 2 and a half minutes of high adrenalin stylus gouging that’s up close and very personal from the off, a grizzled garage blues howler with more kick than a show horse on heat, a lean and mean primitively raw and toned sonic six pack kissed in all manner of serated riffage and punch you out cold fury n’ blessed with a strutting swing to die for, reference wise – think bad assed Cream with the Who in a choking headlock.

We’ve a soft spot around here for imps Shit and Shine, we love the way with each passing release that as a listener you are somehow held to ransom wondering which version of Shit and Shine are going to emerge from out their hidey hole and to what manner of puzzling sound treats they carry beneath their collective arm that they seek to adore / annoy / provoke and puzzle your listening space with. Now firmed up with Editions Mego, a new full length is hatching and ready for seed sometime September, it be called ‘some people really know how to live’ and from it ‘notified’ has been let loose from its sonic playground to run with mirthful riot to burrow deep beneath your skin. Its all very minimalist, skittish strains of subtronic drum n’ bass punctuating and hiccupping its way over a rhythmically jazz flavoured technoid bedding, had the Mixing It dudes still been occupying their precious corner of cool on BBC’s Radio 3, this would have no doubt been hammered to hell on the studio hi-fi, for us mere music loving mortals something i’d hazard a guess that ought to be high on the listening loves of admirers of Muslim Gauze. https://soundcloud.com/editionsmego/shit-and-shine-notified-emego-238  

I’m probably way off the marker, but am i detecting delicate elements of Massive Attack and Goldie ghosting through this utterly adorable slice of trip hopping atmospherique chic, like most things around here, another we inadvertently stumbled over, this is Tension with the quietly grand ‘Oblique’ – all wonderfully haloed in a shadowy spectral mystique and oozed in noir rubbed seduction. https://soundcloud.com/floodtrax/oblique   

Many thanks to both Phil / John 3:16 and indeed the guys from Sonic Entrails for the heads up on this one. Mentioned in passing a missive or so ago, this is the darkly brooding and dare i say, mammoth and macabre ‘the Doxey Boggart’. Strictly limited to just one hundred copies through the Sonic Entrails imprint, it’s a 2xCD and DVD gathering, a hauntologist wet dream if you like that features both a filmed on location horror trail with an appropriate soundtrack accompanying. Tensely dark stuff lurks and awaits in the shadows within on what we assume is a project steered by John E Smoke not least because of the fact that he features three times on this 15 cut visitation, yet with time a premium and very much pressing, for now we’ve honed in three of the tracks as a brief teaser of what to expect, starting as we mean to go on with with the disquieting chill of ‘Marsh’ by Ian Haygreen. Remote and isolated, the sense of being alone crystalises to grim effect, a slow pacing piano braid prowls with sinister menace under the gathering gloom of a descending nightfall, with it shadows stretch and lengthen, emerging from their hidey holes creatures of the night watch patiently, the very elements themselves morphing into darkening personas to disfigure the skyline and disorientate as though in some treacherous conspiracy serving to stir an inner paranoia and a hitherto untapped terror. Stranger still, John E Smoke’s second visitation, ‘Boggart confirmation’ turns up the terror dial a notch or three, primitive growls and a mounting sense of dread coalesce to forge a nightmarish hypnotic head trip at once unholy, bleak and gouged in a primordial fashioning as old as time, upon a preciding sermon / an exorcism / perhaps a calling.. John 3:16 is found putting the beast to rest with the parting ‘Appolyon’, typically thunderous, a collision of the elements waged in a storm ravaged war, hulking riffs tower and ascend from out of the claustrophobic fog to form a maddening psychotropic mirage metered and mired in a brooding scar forming apocalyptic foretelling, immense. https://sonicentrails.bandcamp.com/album/the-doxey-boggart-original-soundtrack  

as you can rightly imagine, we here are regularly seduced by releases whose perfection, poise and pristine play have us teetering perilously on the backfoot with jaws agape. Occasionally though through the charge of such sounds, something weaves woozily to wander into the listening space that leaves you going just simply wow and with that leaving you momentarily speechless and floored. One such delight, the quietly arresting ‘Habibi’ by Egyptian / Belgium songwriter Tamino, takes up its sonic scalpel to literally cut deep. A track spun with such sparse delicacy that its hard to imagine how by its first chorus your gripped as though a prisoner to it emotional intensity. Indeed his press folk make comparable reference to Jeff Buckley and rightly so for here there is solace majestic burning to a slow smoulder here, its bruised brushstrokes seductively circling about you drawing you deep into in welling noir shadowland, all said if you prefer your sound descriptors comfortably boxed and labelled then may we suggest that admirers of a youthful Hush the Many, Rhys Marsh and most pertinently, Her Name is Calla will be the foremost sent into fainting swoons each time it wanders into earshot. Available via the unday imprint. https://soundcloud.com/undayrecords/tamino-habibi-1/s-CwP82

sorry to say but another sound cloud find we happened across on our recently frequent strolls, this is the rather sublimely chill grooved ‘cold snow’ by this cold night, of whom i’m sad to say we’ve absolutely no information on, safe to say that this sounds as though it’s been thawed from a late 70’s isolationist chamber, darkly sparse and shadowy played in a grainy post punk spirit that forges a kinship with classic era Joy Division. https://soundcloud.com/istance2000/this-cold-night-cold-snow

of course there’s always this cutie, this be a demo recording by Travelling Wave of whom we have no information on alas, the track is titled ‘distant skies’ – a darkly weaved prowling psych mantra, imagine if you will for reference markers sake a shadowy twin of Haight Ashbury – second mention for them this missive alone, all haloed upon a hollowing dust ravaged spectral toning that’s hypnotically sparse and seductively shade adorned. https://soundcloud.com/travelling-wave/distant-skies-demo

is it me or does this sound like a seriously withdrawn and wounded Robert Smith / the Cure c. late 80’s. infused in a shadowy palette, this is the quite harrowing and hollowing – (we think it’s called) ‘dust’ – a demo carving by Atomic Neon, whatever the case, its strangely seductive, sparse and somewhat sighed in a chilled isolationist finality, rather more a bleakly beautiful epitaph which in truth sounds as though it’s been resuscitated from some early 80’s deep freeze, disturbingly alluring is all we’ll say. https://soundcloud.com/rioblack/atomic-neon-dust-homedemo  

okay we’ll put our hands up in saying that we here are pretty useless at this outpouring of relevant facts lark, indeed you want to read of current happenings, releases, life stories and even who the hell the they are and such, truth is we’re so over that, happen we’re clueless. Anyhow this is OLMS with a track called ‘when you’re feeling low’ which admittedly we’ve grown a tad fond of since it was spotted lurking on our player, coolly coalescing electro locked grooves, cosmic swirls and a futuro fashioning all purred to a delightfully demurred cruise controlled symmetry whose musical map reference sits somewhere between white rose movement, astronaut / dark captain light captain and working for a nuclear free city. https://soundcloud.com/olms/when-youre-feeling-low  

interlude – freakin’ flowers and mind morphing mosaics – the tea company, the smoke, the move, the Kinks, the Pretty Things, the Hollies, the Lemon Drops, Bump…

the tea company……

The Smoke…

The Move….

The Kinks….

The Pretty Things….

The Hollies…..

The Lemon Drops…..


If only there were more minutes in the hour, the melodic vistas we could bring into your life which, happen I think about now, might be just as well we haven’t for fear of blowing your skull. That said couldn’t resist this, new thing doing bad stuff n’ heading out sharpish from the Sacred Bones sound house, wait till you hear the Zola Jesus newbie – my oh my – but you’ll have to hang about on that till tomorrow – but to the now, this is SQURL whose ‘the dark rift’ seems to have perfected the art of distilling some big bearded stoned out fuzz freaker made up of equal parts Shellac and Jesus Lizard, strangely menacing and oppressive not least because it’s as though you can feel the blighter glowering intensely at you from the grooves.


Visual interlude……Snub TV…

Rightly so getting kudos at long last, SNUB TV was simple, effective and straight to the point, no boring wannabe hosts just hip to the moment sounds creeping up over the underground….


….and in case you forgot what it was like, we have mentioned this iconic music magazine show in the past, here’s a trip or two down memory lane….




Grateful Dead documentary……wowzer…..

now I won’t shirk in admitting that we’re growing a tad fond of this, the by all accounts, 13th album from About a Million. Assumed in a fragile lo-fi sometimes playful bitter sweet casualness, ‘look for me when you get bored’ hints on occasions of elements of Pavement, June Panic and Guided by Voices throughout its grooves, lulled upon countrified sun falls and breezily affectionate with it, we’ve grown smitten by the opining crush of ‘brain goes numb’ – teasingly brief and joyously forlorn it at once stings and seduces in equal measure. However, as sparse and fleeting as it may first appear ‘Crumble’ is weighted in an emotional untethering that might just drag you low with its heart piercing poetic arrest. https://alreadydeadtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ad250-about-a-million-look-for-me-when-you-get-bored  

staying with Already Dead Tapes, latest off the sound factory floor is a limited cassette issue by Michael Potter entitled ‘Garden Portal Almanac’ which comes serviced by just one track on the preview player, ‘can one make two’ is for want of a better description, a bit of a sore thumb, a fragmenting and woozy head trip, not unlike one of the more out-there happenings occasioning listening attention from the formidable Moon Glyph imprint or the kind of molten groove heading out of the much missed Beta Lactam Ring sound space, at once freaky and frazzled not to mention rushed in an overload of sonic dialogue, this distracting meltdown is possessed of the fractious psych elements of Edward Ka-Spel dissolving in its race to white out oblivion. https://alreadydeadtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ad251-michael-potter-garden-portal-almanac

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End grooves…..   

Sadly parted….

Brian Cant……..

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