Betzler & Brückner

Look i know its been out for an eternity, 2015 to be precise, how on earth did we miss this first time of asking. Peeled from a set called ‘2’ put out by German based imprint Syngate, this is Betzler & Brückner with ‘(Not) Too Late’, believe you me this one is going to freak you out with its seamless knack for continually shapeshifting, for across its 12 minute visitation this floor throbbing, mind morphing head trip pilots a trajectory that at once touches base with the classic elements of prog, kosmische, ambience and nu age into the bargain forging a dream draped out of body astral bridge between the likes of Tangerine Dream / the Enid and Ozric Tentacles / Astralasia which aside anything else ought to appeal to the more bonged out and beardy happenings emanating from the Fruits de Mer soundhouse, hello Craig Padilla et al.  

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