clean nice quiet #30

Happened across the latest mix tape from the previously unknown to us Clean Nice Quiet folk who describe it, dare we say rightly, ‘an hour of new rock’n’roll, vinyl obscurities from yesteryear, and more’ – damn fine it is to mixing well heeled familiar classics from the likes of Bolan, Haley, Little Joe and the Thrillers, Elton John and er – Oscar the Griouch – yep the one from Sesame Street with a healthy snot nosed crew of youthful agitants the likes of the Fat Boys, the amazingly caustic and brutal Supersonic Piss, single mothers, pale kids and more. Picks of the set though must surely go to Mayflower Madame whose enigmatically cinematic ‘drown’ is purred with such atmospheric grandeur as to have you swoonfully rummaging through your platter pickings searching frantically for your Chameleons classics of yore. Whilst also finding themselves earning themselves an affectionate glance or three, Jesus Chris and the Beetles cook up a frantic power pop storm with the speed freaked ‘boy without a bedframe’ –


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