free / slope

Happen that you might want to file and pair for in tandem listening with that forthcoming Diagnos full length this latest from Free / Slope. Prized from an imminent set for the sound effects and deep distance houses entitled ‘daydream melodies’, both ‘washing machine’ and ‘improvisations in G major’ have been the somewhat cause of much swooning here with their melodic peppering of swirly orbital mosaics decorating our listening space in flotillas of soothing cruise controlled kosmische all the time engaging our head space in mind expansive manoeuvres. These tripping aural astroglides come desirably dinked in lulling sprays of motorik murmurs with ‘washing machine’ somewhat purred upon the collectively  patented jet pop odyssey’s of Kraftwerk, Fly and Eat Lights Become Lights, however its ‘improvisations in G Major’ that’ll set the space pop tongues a wagging, a hermetically sealed bliss kissed proggy psych vapour bathed lock grooved stoner cut in the image of Spaceman 3, albeit a Spaceman 3 basking out sunbathing on some hitherto distant twin mooned beach of a yet unnamed and unmapped star configuration being served after noon teas by Sunray.

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