kompakt kat

Another of those mysterious Bedroom Cassette Masters’ outings, this one heading out of Russia by компакт-катя and again i’m afraid to say, something quite extraordinary and demanding of your immediate listening time. ‘Aba Cercato’ is a surreally shapeshifting 14 minute dream suite, reference wise in terms of spirit, style and design, you might be best re-familiarising yourself with Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘magnetic fields I’ (yes the lengthy 17 minute side) as a starting point for this full on immersive head trip is a journey into inner worlds, secret space and strange cosmic continents peppered and populated by fading memories, recollections and blurring visions of both the past and futures to come, a dissipating palette both trance toned and traced in techno mosaics, its sepia framing wonderfully terraforming to create an amorphous astral ride whose surrounding landscape morphs and mutates seductively between moments of celestial choral recitals, snaking arabesque trippiness and noir glowing lunar pulsars. Immaculate. https://kompaktkat.bandcamp.com/album/aba-cercato

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