the gold needles

Those of you with long-ish memories may recall us going a tad giddy at the arrival last year of a split Fruits de Mer happening that featured Cats Never Sleep on one side and the Gold Needles on t’other – if you don’t then fear not it was here – I mention all this because we had a much welcome message from Mark / Gold Needles asking us if we fancied a teaser earful from a forthcoming single being prepped by the band for release. Now I don’t know about you but a phrase in common usage around these here parts involving bears, woods and their natural habits instantly rallied to mind. ‘Not tonight Josephine’ be the tracks name, produced and hitherto given the seal of approval by cool dude Fran Ashcroft, this warmly toned softly shimmered countrified psych jangle comes crisply caressed upon a delicately radiant west coast smokiness whose becoming glow is bedded upon a deceptively adoring lazy eyed lilt that aside tailgaiting the kind of sonic spaces once upon a time the domain of the Autumn Leaves similairly freefalls into the blissful easy on the ear terrains of the much adored Snails. Alas though no sound links for now, rest assured though we are working on it.    

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