Incoming celestial divine via Static Caravan from the in from the cold Tele:Funken. Seriously, i’m sure we’ve mentioned before on occasion, that the Static dudes are amidst a killer purple patch of topper most releases, Matters and BlackAsh forthcoming with Home Current, Tubular Brass, Anthony J Reynolds and Victories at Sea out and about presently are all indicators of a label blessed with a trusted ear for the eclectic which after twenty years, still defiantly refuses to be pigeon holed. Peeled from a forthcoming full length tentatively called ‘bespoke’, Tele:Funken returns to the Static stable after a long sixteen year ramble with a brace of cuts delicately demurred in a softly seductive 70’s styled sprays of kosmische vintage, the first of which ‘still sky blue’ will simply have you jaws to the floor in fond wonder at its svelte star serenading symmetry, a solar symphony or more over a sleepy headed stasis soundtrack rippled and woozed in lush library lunar lullaby lilts all teasingly traced and dimpled by pulsing half light corteges of cosmic Balearic braids, utterly mesmeric. Over to the flip, ‘going home now’ seemingly pilots its retro funk struck motorik flight path trajectory into the floor mooching co-ordinates of label mates Free School whilst in search of a passing worm hole to wander down and take them back to the mid 70’s.    

 Main picture   

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5 Responses to Tele:Funken

  1. geoff static says:

    Brillaint Mark but as the tracks arent marked on the CD they are actually the wrong way round as in track one is Still Sky Blue

  2. Tom Fenn says:

    Great review. However due to a fly that fell into the typewriter, ‘going home now’ is actually ‘Still Sky blue’. My electric fly swatter’s batteries have depleted. 16 long years they held out. t:f

  3. Tom Fenn says:

    Arghh! Cannot edit! Should have said ‘Cheers for the great review’! 🙂

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