arrows of love

This ‘un is so wired to the teeth, you can feel the psychosis literally cloaking this in a choking intensity. New groove from Arrows of Love in the guise of ‘Signal (Redux Version)’ is one serious sore thumb, at once restless, jagged, edgy and irrefutably angular, a cut from a forthcoming set through the i’m not from London imprint entitled ‘’PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack To The Impending Societal Collapse’ that spikes, spars and scowls with a primitive cut loose gouging. Cast upon a walls closing tenseness, it nags and twists with the kind of agit scabbed schizoid skewing that recalls a smarting variant of the Playwrights in the vice like head lock grip of an untamed and simmering Fatima mansions in cahoots with the Godfathers – need i say more.

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