Now i’ll be quite honest when i say, the appearance of new groove from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark upon our listening space didn’t exactly encourage or facilitate the urge to festoon the sound space in joyous bunting. To be frank since their re-emergence we’ve found everything a little – well – underwhelming. So when ‘isotype’ reared into earshot, we admittedly feared the worst. How wrong we were, with its crystalline pop prowess, its classically tuned vintage kosmische fashioning and that majestic crafting of managing to sound simultaneously as though equipped with both a sense of backward glancing nostalgia and future proofed hope, ‘Isotype’ arrives adorned in adoring arrest. As though thawed from an early 80’s deep freeze c. ‘Organisation’ and ‘Architecture and Morality’, this is the sound of OMD connecting with their forward thinking younger selves and remembering the location of a sonic time capsule once buried, along the way nods aplenty to a silver age Kraftwerk, it’s all gloriously fluffy and sentimental, a softly radiating euphoric love note from a lost yesterday.

here’s a little documentary we found on that there you tube about them……essential watching methinks……

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