earthling society

arriving via riot season very soon, new hulking head flip-a-delic happening from the Earthling Society in the guise of ‘Ascent to Godhead’ from it the mammoth freak storm that is ‘ascent to Godhead pt 2’. Blimey this is one helluva hairy and heavy mama, in truth i don’t recall the Earthling ones being so, well how can we put it, bonged out and shitfaced, an absolutely out of it titanic trip pill, all at once loose, wired and wasted and incorporating a sprawling sonic stir fry of skree fused jazz scowls and warping psyched dissipates into a furiously squalling cyclone, so deranged, so schizoid and quite frankly so gone we wouldn’t be too surprised to find it arriving pre packed with its own skinning up papers.

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