monika werkstatt

another track we inadvertently tripped over whilst mooching around the sound cloud universe, now if you’d have sold this to us on the premiss that it was some mischievous slice of minimalist chill wave unearthed from a thought lost late 70’s electronic sound vault, then we’d be none the wiser. You would however be wrong. This sparsely toned sore thumb features on a new set being put out by Monika Enterprises entitled ‘Monika Werkstatt’ that finds head honcho Gudrun Gut inviting ten female musical artists to partake together in a collaborate collective. From that set emerges ‘workshop’ – a collaborative head to head fronted up by Greie Gut Fraktion and the Monika Werkstatt (the aforementioned gathering featuring the likes of AGF, Beate Bartel, Lucretia Dalt, Danielle De Picciotto, Islaja, Barbara Morgenstern, Sonae and Pilocka Krach). Subliminal tonalities and ice cooled minimalist electro murmurs grace this cut with a strangely alluring futuro isolationist shadow play gouging that’s etched in an eerily stilled persona that’s part early Cabaret Voltaire and mark 1 version Human League.

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