wil bolton and ian hawgood

haven’t the foggiest idea how on earth we missed this, recent home normal activity pairing together Ian Hawgood and Wil Bolton for a set entitled ‘transparacies’ from which here we’ve managed to unearth excerpts for your discerning delight. Utterly serene and another release so much deserving a setting free from the hustle, bustle and distraction of the day for what becomes immediately apparent is the tender care and attention for graceful poise that these two collectively achieve, frosty mosaics dappled in a quietly reflective sensitivity whose murmur like hush obliges you to pull up close and be somewhat drenched in the ethereal glow that these shy eyed shimmer tones radiate, its all distressingly beautiful, at times a little mournful and bruised yet all the same caressed in a sweetly yearned crystal tipped neo classicism. https://soundcloud.com/homenormal/homen104-ian-hawgood-wil-bolton-transparencies-album-sampler  

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