Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 26.0 – Side B….w/e 01/07/2017…

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 26.0 – Side B….w/e 01/07/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….


Second part of our mid-year missive…….


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interlude …. Post punk / chill wave electronica ….nervous patterns, futurisk, zounds, das kabinette, the vanishing, mescaline babies, neon, modern english…

we continue our lazy Sunday evening with morning old school grooviness, a few nuggets here that include a lost ‘un from the excellent Modern English – one of the great should have beens…..

nervous patterns……


zounds …

das kabinette….

the vanishing….

mescaline babies ….


Modern English….



Tape op podcast…..latest transmission features an interview with Vance Powell…….


garage geared podcast scuzziness……














Nico with Brian Jones and Jimmy Page – pre Velvets recordings unearthed….. http://dangerousminds.net/comments/pre_velvet_underground_nico  

Aleister Crowley cookery utensils anyone, i wonder if they just cook stuff unaided…. A chore sorted…. http://dangerousminds.net/comments/cook_what_thou_wilt_with_these_aleister_crowley_themed_kitchen_utensilis  

Popcorn and soft drinks time, a rare moment of filmic perfection…….Chris Petit’s ‘radio on’…….

….and here’s Chris Petit talking about this legendary cinematic nugget……

Back on bandcamp after months languishing in obscurity – this little gem…… https://klausmorlock.bandcamp.com/album/the-goatman-soundtrack

..and now for the Kraftwerk fan who has everything, the Kraftwerk bike……


polytechnic youth visuals…..

tomorrow syndicate – an album and single incoming very soon…….alas this is an oldie from last year……


Nicked this from the Dangerous Minds site, apparently if you wanted original VHS copies of this Cure rarity you’d need to stump up spondoolies approaching the region of 500 smackers……anyhow someone has uploaded it to you tube and anyone wanting further info should read here…. http://dangerousminds.net/comments/you_dont_have_to_pay_500_to_see_this_rare_japanese_concert_video_of_the_cur  

Seems these folk may have something of a passing admiration for Brit folk horror not least the variety lurking in the shadowy terrains occupied by ‘Psychomania’ et al, this by the way is So There who you may well recall collaborated not so long ago with Grey Malkin of the Hare and the Moon fame, this track incidentally titled ‘the will and watch deciding’ is culled from what we assume is an incoming full length ‘Securable Brim’ – safe to say that this comes primed and purred in the kind of vintage we here have taken to expect as the norm from those folk over at Villa9 studio, its psych folk flashings and 60’s styled shadowy piping hinting at a hitherto previously unseen safe spot seated between White Noise and Broadcast. https://soundcloud.com/sothere/the-will-and-watch-deciding

Preserved somewhere amid the pages of a dustily faded photograph album, the vaguely displaced bittersweet recall of memories of lost yesterday’s stir ominously to life, each page and each picture a story. these lonesome apparitions populate the empty spaces, the parks, the streets and the housing estates, where once there was life, chatter and play, a shadow has long since descended. Abandoned and forgotten, the sound of the Heartwood Insitute serves as a receiver translating these idealist voices lost to modernism, capatilism and foolhardy endeavour. As much to do with the beauty of detachment and isolationalism as the sorrow of lost hope and progress, ‘burgh marsh’ trips to a sonic palette located dead centre between the respected sound houses of ghost box (‘prior lancy’ in particular tuned to the pastoral electronic frequencies of Belbury Park) and the polytechnic youth. Utilising vintage keys and armed with a nostalgic awareness (best evidenced on the woodcrafted and willowy vintage of the pirouetting orbital ‘greymare hill’ which comes possessed of the kind of Brontean sprays that used to adore the musical mosaics of fort dax), Mr Sharp nee the Heartwood Institute, provides a score for a moment lost, within here a mastery for tone, atmosphere and mood is encapsulated across a nine track suite, a postcard from yesteryear and another time long since lost. ‘burgh marsh’ is for want of a better description, a musical incident report that relates to a press account that has since divided opinion between UFOlogists and theory debunkers whilst simultaneously to this day retaining its mystery despite various expert tests as to its validity. The story centres around one Jim Templeton, a  fire fighter, on a day out with his family in 1964 , he took three photographs of his daughter, only when the film was developed did he discover on one shot, what looked like a spaceman standing to the rear of his daughter. The publicity reached Australia whereupon reports where made of two giant spaceman having been seen on the firing range of a test site where the Blue  Streak was to be put through its paces. The test was cancelled and later upon seeing Templeton’s picture those that witnessed the incident said the ‘spaceman’ was indeed exactly the same mysterious figure they had observed. More information of the incident that was to become known as the ‘Solway Firth Spaceman’ can be gleaned here –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solway_Firth_Spaceman – as to the soundtrack / suite ‘Burgh Marsh’, Mr Sharp deftly blends this cocktail of elements – the mystery, the macabre and the mellow – into a wonderfully dream like odyssey, reference wise the likes of Pye Corner Audio (see ‘Burgh Marsh’), Tomorrow Syndicate (the shimmertoning ‘’displacement.0’) and Concretism all appear, disappear and dissolve into the Bucolic hedgerows. Between the lunar garlands peppered by ghostly conversations on the serenely rustic apparition ‘May 23rd, 1964’ and the crystal set kosmische pulsars of the futuristic ghost wave ‘blue streak’ sits Sharp’s trademark ear for the heraldic pastoral majesty of the green belt and all its rich spaceous finery here brought to vivid colour on ‘rushy knowe’.

The Heartwood Institute are set to perform at a prestigious invitation at the very august setting of the Wordsworth House in Cockermouth this coming Saturday 1st July. For further details go to https://www.facebook.com/The-Heartwood-Institute-322022554658124/  

As to the album…….set your radar for … https://theheartwoodinstitute.bandcamp.com/

I do feel we’ve fallen behind with these ‘you, the night and the music’ transmissions, while our back was turned the blighters have posted three intermissions –  so while we fill our boots filling in our listening gaps here’s episode #208 –  an electronic only extravaganza pilfers and picks its way through the finest releases currently vying for your love and affection on the outer margins of pop’s vast sound universe. A two hour cornucopia of the strange, the surreal and the simply sublime opening with some seriously off the wall wired weirdness from the late Alan Sutcliffe taken from a cassette of archive recordings heading out in strictly limited quantities via the adored buried treasure entitled ‘EMS synthi AKS improv’ – a collection shoehorned to bursting with some of the finest vintage electro freak outs, shaped in a passing image of Louis and Bebe Baron. Next up some immaculate ghost drift detachment from Concretism pulled from a forthcoming happening for castles in space, ‘the view from pye green tower’ captured here in all its cold war heraldic glory. Previously unknown to us, microchip junky’ as their name might hint, sound like the kind of early 80’s drop outs who may well have hung out with pre Art of Noise folk while cutting shapes on the coolest of floors to the likes of ‘metal dance’ era SPK and Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes. Massive apologies are due at this point to Moon Wiring Club whose last opus was such a surreal blast that we hitherto forgot to give it the critical word love it so richly deserved, anyhow here he is in a head to head with Belbury Poly on ‘the music room’ – a noir lit 60’s lounge lizard sumptuously mooching about in a mercurial lunar fantasia fashioned in celestial choirs, tripping dub motifs and oodles of dream weaved arabesque arrangements, very Astralasia meets Invaders of the Heart. Pattern language, i’m certain we’ve mentioned them here previously, perfect the kind of wistful isolationism so much adored of the ghost box set with ‘deeply recessed windows’ sumptuously recoiling the monochrome future tones of a ‘digitalis’ era ISAN. Up next Canadian boy / girl duo meter bridge stump up the deceptively alluring chill waving dream pop demure of ‘beta test’ into the bargain emerging from the other side sounding not unlike Sophie and Peter Johnston. As to Cloud Waste and the Calf, i’m not altogether certain whether we’ve mentioned this lot in passing, we’ve certainly had their recent ‘centre city’ set on repeat play in our gaff, this is ‘rain grey concrete’ – certainly something that ought to appeal to those Polytechnic Youth loving folk among you given its situated sound wise, somewhere between Polypores and Concretism. As to Fred Und Luna , we really must nail a copy of ‘Im Klanggarten’ full length through bigamo musik, that is if ‘Angeln ohne schnur ist super’ is anything to judge by, coolly caressing kosmische flutter-bys, very serene, very Bucolic, like a dozing Pye Corner Audio (whose recent blink and it was gone head  to head with Faten Kanaan features a little later in the set) and something we suggest subscribers of the more mellowed minimalist murmurs emanating from the deep distance imprint ought to seeking out at their earliest convenience. And weren’t we just talking of Polypores a second or so ago, from the latest A Year in the Country report, more about that in a second, the spectral beauty that is‘graveney marsh’ emerges, think tear stained sparsely crafted future telling epitaphs concocted by Zombi and that should put you in a close sonic ball park. Gnoomes, what can i say, they mess with your head decorating it all manner psychotropic mesmerics while Vorderhaus’ recent PY full length provided for a cooly coalescing chill waving cornucopia that tuned its headspace into the way of the much missed Weird imprint. Somewhere else, a few happenings from Children of Alice and the Polymer Cities, the former submerged in all manner of tripping Radiophonics with the latter, mentioned several times in passing this missive alone, getting all very Herbie Hancock ‘rock it’ fused with YMO and put through the Landscape sonic scrambler, then its off for a spot of coolly calibrated cruise controlled cosmic driving from Astralian Testings Labs Inc, sadly an album we missed, something we’d hasten to add for those youthful Echoboy admirers among you. Another much loved album around these here parts this year so far, CHFX’s ‘transcranial targets’ – the featured cut on this occasion being the triptastic odyssey ‘tracking shots’ while the Assistant side of a recent limited lathe split with the Home Current gets some much deserved turntable love, something which i seem to recall we noted asbeing a delightfully primitive techno nugget. Approaching the final curve, you’ll find treats aplenty from Cavern of Anti Matter, the Time Attendant, Laker Herzog as well as a rather a spiffing version of ‘the persuaders theme’ a track we in fact mentioned in these very scribbles by the pulselovers no doubt played to mark respects to the recently deceased Roger Moore, all said though we’ll leave you in the capable hands of both the house of daggers and keith seatman, the former whose ‘agent zero’ is cut with the kind of mooching subterranic glitch minimalism that had us here mourning the passing of days when strange bullet holed sleeves containing weird ear sounds from tomorrow used to drop on our door mat courtesy of the esteemed Fat Cat, all very Smallfish friendly and dare i say touched in a kind of passing through the veil quiet euphoria. As to Mr Seatman, like Moon Wiring Club massive apologies are due, another release literally played to near destruction and much adored around here, this being ‘odd in a nightcap and cup’ – more hallucinogenic head tripping i’m afraid to say, a ghost light mysterio woozed in a spell weaving fantasia of dissipating carousels and fragmenting realities, a deeply immersive and senses disorientating lysergic labrynith that we here have found ourselves in need of leaving a magical paper trail in order to trace our steps back out safely. https://www.mixcloud.com/Youthenightandthemusic/you-the-night-and-the-music-208/  

Not sure where exactly this fits in the greater scheme of things, its certainly not featured on their recently released ‘Im Klanggarten’ full length through Bigamo, an album which encountered by way of a track featured on the aforementioned ‘you, the night and the music’ broadcast – #208 – has found itself elevated to the top of our wants list. Anyhow this is Fred und Luna with ‘Zoo (Zyklopädie Nr.1)’ – a sleepy headed vapour kissed star wanderer delicately traced in softly alluring kosmische whispers all dinkily brushed in motorik murmurs, quite  mesmeric in a palace of swords type way. https://soundcloud.com/fredundluna/zoo-zyklopadie-nr1  

Further suggested listening can be found here whereupon aside a free to download 2 hour mix session you’ll find an interview…..  http://www.theransomnote.com/music/mixes/fred-und-luna-the-monday-is-okay-mix/  

Staying with softly sophisticated nocturnal signatures, this is Paul Blackford with a track taken from a EP set for Cosmetiq by the name ‘inception’, this being the aptly titled ‘Solaris’. Alas no further information for now but safe to say that this space lounge shimmertone is at present hitting all the swoon buttons here not least because its fashioned upon a delicately dream toned amorphous orbital axis that pirouettes spraying star hugged love notes into the darkening celestial voids, one we suspect ripe for lights lowered after hours listening affection.  https://soundcloud.com/cosmetiq/paul-blackford-solaris-cmq010   

Now i’ll be quite honest when i say, the appearance of new groove from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark upon our listening space didn’t exactly encourage or facilitate the urge to festoon the sound space in joyous bunting. To be frank since their re-emergence we’ve found everything a little – well – underwhelming. So when ‘isotype’ reared into earshot, we admittedly feared the worst. How wrong we were, with its crystalline pop prowess, its classically tuned vintage kosmische fashioning and that majestic crafting of managing to sound simultaneously as though equipped with both a sense of backward glancing nostalgia and future proofed hope, ‘Isotype’ arrives adorned in adoring arrest. As though thawed from an early 80’s deep freeze c. ‘Organisation’ and ‘Architecture and Morality’, this is the sound of OMD connecting with their forward thinking younger selves and remembering the location of a sonic time capsule once buried, along the way nods aplenty to a silver age Kraftwerk, its all gloriously fluffy and sentimental, a softly radiating euphoric love note from a lost yesterday.

here’s a little documentary we found on that there you tube about them……essential watching methinks……

This ‘un is so wired to the teeth, you can feel the psychosis literally cloaking this in a choking intensity. New groove from Arrows of Love in the guise of ‘Signal (Redux Version)’ is one serious sore thumb, at once restless, jagged, edgy and irrefurably angular, a cut from a forthcoming set through the i’m not from London imprint entitled ‘’PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack To The Impending Societal Collapse’ that spikes, spars and scowls with a primitive cut loose gouging. Cast upon a walls closing tenseness, it nags and twists with the kind of agit scabbed schizoid skewing that recalls a smarting variant of the Playwrights in the vice like head lock grip of an untamed and simmering Fatima mansions in cahoots with the Godfathers – need i say more. https://soundcloud.com/arrows-of-love/signalredux

we had to do a double take with this one, initially taking it to be some lost Radiophonic Workshop nugget found locked away in room 13 of Maida Vale and originally intended for use on some scrapped at the planning stage dystopian drama. Well what do you expect when its called ‘deathtrap’ purporting to be by the BBC. However, mooch around a little and you’ll discover that the BBC in question here are in fact the Bluebeard’s Castle – crafty eh…Still bit of nifty slice of 1982 coming at you through the shadows, initial moments having us imagining them to be likely bedfellows of the mysterious Middex, but then scratch away a little deeper to remove the surface chill and something sounding like a ‘resistance’ era Clock DVA soon starts to manifest. https://soundcloud.com/bbcastles/deathtrap

okay i’m suspecting that this is what happens young folk when you mix up your ultra vivid scene, doleful lions and early career animal collective sonic socks and put them in an Elephant 6 Collective tumble dryer on the hottest setting, everything fuses, blurs and bleeds into one hulking kaleidioscopic daydream. Getting a tad trippy just being earshot of this dayglo radiant blighter, this is Vivian Fantasy (FKA Chemists) with a slice of substance sublime called ‘strawberry moon’ – a kookifying carnival of lysergic dissipates, woozy wanderings and hallucinogenic happenings, all playfully fried and guaranteed to have you frantically hitting the repeat button whilst simultaneously peeling ones jaw of ones floor. https://soundcloud.com/chemistsva/strawberry-moon

something wickedly cool walks the way of a local record emporium near you. New happenings from the Pye Corner Audio courtesy of ‘the spiral’ coming via death waltz originals on limited 10 inch pressing. A new six track suite that so steeped in retro i’m surprised it hasn’t come pre packed with its own VHS video, in truth we mentioned this way back at https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/03/17/pye-corner-audio-4/ – the track on the attached video being title tune ‘the spiral’ – a mid way point where both Goblin and a ‘Halloween III’ era Carpenter / Howarth collide under the watchful eye of Zombi who having retired for the evening thinking their work done and dusted, return next day to find that under the cover of night a certain Harold Faltermayer has sneaked in and boogyfied the master tapes.


this one is apparently heading out on the Wave Tension Records & Wool-E Discs & Tapes imprint, a track culled from an album entitled ‘Lines & Parallels’ – this one being Extinguisher by a chill wave ensemble going by the name Factice Factory, again another track that sounds as though its been recently unearthed from some hitherto long forgotten early 80’s frost, almost had us minded to go rooting out our prized early career 1919 and Play Dead platters from back in the day, recommended listening for those attuned to the sonic ways of merciful release one suspects. https://soundcloud.com/factice-factory/extinguisher

arriving via riot season very soon, new hulking head flip-a-delic happening from the Earthling Society in the guise of ‘Ascent to Godhead’ from it the mammoth freak storm that is ‘ascent to Godhead pt 2’. Blimey this is one helluva hairy and heavy mama, in truth i don’t recall the Earthling ones being so, well how can we put it, bonged out and shitfaced, an absolutely out of it titanic trip pill, all at once loose, wired and wasted and incorporating a sprawling sonic stir fry of skree fused jazz scowls and warping psyched dissipates into a furiously squalling cyclone, so deranged, so schizoid and quite frankly so gone we wouldn’t be too surprised to find it arriving pre packed with its own skinning up papers.  https://psychinsightmusic.com/2017/06/29/premiere-album-review-ascent-to-godhead-by-earthling-society/  

staying with the riot season folk, here’s a little something i’m suspecting we’ve missed, a recent from Cosmic Dead, the title track in fact from their latest opus ‘psych is dead’. Quite mellow compared to other tracks that have graced these pages over the course of time, initially somewhat playful and dreamy, much like a passing cosmic body slowly gathering mass and momentum, emerging into full view before disappearing to slope off into the void, likewise here a lot of nob twiddling electronic squiffiness that soon builds in density and definition with the arrival of fog doped chorals and oodles of shimer toning feedback / reverb, something which might appear delicately sparse to the casual ear, yet scratch beneath the fizzing exterior and a positive hive of busyness is squirelling away.  https://soundcloud.com/riotseason/02-psych-is-dead  

must admit to being a tad taken with this one, shimmering shoegazey blissfulness from Concrete Twin with a track entitled ‘white sands’ which we were must admit sounds not unlike an at the peak of their powers ‘loveless’ era My Bloody Valentine being played at half speed and suffering none the worse for it, more over accentuating the euphoric glazing several notches, adored in a word. https://soundcloud.com/concrete-twin/white-sands     

up next, something very special from KingBathmat taken from a newly peeled EP set ‘Dark Days’, this in fact being the title track, a seductively amorphous mysterio ghost lit by soft psych shimmering apparitions and the delicate daubing of teased traces of mercurial progressive accents, its spectral sepia tweaked shadows daintily fracturing to reveal a most alluring spray of silvery pastorals whose ethereal toning sits somewhere between Paul Roland and a ‘stupid dream’ era Porcupine Tree, indeed that good.  https://kingbathmat.bandcamp.com/album/dark-days    

haven’t the foggiest idea how on earth we missed this, recent home normal activity pairing together Ian Hawgood and Wil Bolton for a set entitled ‘transparacies’ from which here we’ve managed to unearth excerpts for your discerning delight. Utterly serene and another release so much deserving a setting free from the hustle, bustle and distraction of the day for what becomes immediately apparent is the tender care and attention for graceful poise that these two collectively achieve, frosty mosaics dappled in a quietly reflective sensitivity whose murmur like hush obliges you to pull up close and be somewhat drenched in the ethereal glow that these shy eyed shimmer tones radiate, its all distressingly beautiful, at times a little mournful and bruised yet all the same caressed in a sweetly yearned crystal tipped neo classicism. https://soundcloud.com/homenormal/homen104-ian-hawgood-wil-bolton-transparencies-album-sampler   

interlude……cool lounge, ethereal electronica, exotica noir…….the Cyrkle, Pierre Dutour, James Asher, John Cameron, Jean Pierre Mirouze, Alan Hawkshaw, Paul Bonneau….

The Cyrkle……

Pierre Dutour…..

James Asher…..

John Cameron…..

Jean Pierre Mirouze….

Alan Hawshaw…..

Paul Bonneau……

another track we inadvertently tripped over whilst mooching around the sound cloud universe, now if you’d have sold this to us on the premis that it was some mischievious slice of minimalist chill wave unearthed from a thought lost late 70’s electronic sound vault, then we’d be none the wiser. You would however be wrong. This sparsely toned sore thumb features on a new set being put out by Monika Enterprises entitled ‘Monika Werkstatt’ that finds head honcho Gudrun Gut inviting ten female musical artists to partake together in a collaborate collective. From that set emerges ‘workshop’ – a collaborative head to head fronted up by Greie Gut Fraktion and the Monika Werkstatt (the aforementioned gathering featuring the likes of AGF, Beate Bartel, Lucretia Dalt, Danielle De Picciotto, Islaja, Barbara Morgenstern, Sonae and Pilocka Krach). Subliminal tonalities and ice cooled minimalist electro murmurs grace this cut with a strangely alluring futuro isolationist shadow play gouging that’s etched in an eerily stilled persona that’s part early Cabaret Voltaire and mark 1 version Human League.  https://soundcloud.com/monikaenterprise/monika-werkstatt-ggf_workshop  

heading out through hand in hive this coming Monday, alas no links for now, new lunar loveliness from Wyldest in the svelte shape of ‘hitchhiker’shimmers into view, a vapour traced hermetically sealed mirror ball on an orbital trajectory emitting warming rays of euphoria sprayed celestial lovenotes all fondly twinkle tipped in a lights lowered after hours sultry sophistication and served up with the kind of smoked classicist velour that recalls the enviable back catalogue of the adored Lo recordings sound house.

Cut with a brooding primitive pull and blessed with a fracturing shadow hearted soul blues swing, this slab of spikily wiring seduction is incoming through the duchess box imprint mid July. This be Laura Carbone with ‘cellophane skin’, a maddening walls closing slice of freaked hysteria, at once savage and enchanting it prowls and purrs like a mythical siren scabbed in soft psych spell charms stirred from a potent brew of bad boogie invested with essences drawn from a youthful PJ Harvey and Carina Round. https://soundcloud.com/user-935381613/laura-carbone-cellophane-skin-mix-1  

New head expanding lysergic Terrascope trip pill popping summer playlist……


hopefully appearing in, if not this version of this particular missive then certainly the next, we’ll be giving the once over on a new yellow6 release heading out in limited quantities of cassette via the somewhere cold imprint. For now, spotted earlier yesterday on his sound cloud page, two newly peeled tracks not featured on that aforementioned incoming. Both ‘summer skies’ and ‘summer rain’ are literally so hot off the presses i swear you can hear the fading embers of the fizzing hum of the reverb still restlessly recoiling into silence. All the familiar Y6 tropes are present and in attendance here, both are, as you might rightly muse, cut to a classically cooled tapestry that’s at once measured, poised and purred in solemn perfection, the former especially accentuates Atwood’s adept ear for the brooding atmospheric, very much tuned to Roy Montgomery’s ‘true’, there’s an ominous sense of the pensive afoot here, a gathering of storm clouds emerging through the stillness, the effect is quite stirring and mesmeric, not least majestic, as though a soundtrack for an as yet unwritten early 70’s gritty cold war espionage thriller. ‘summer rain’ though less tension riddled than its sibling, is still gravened in stilled portent which to a metronomic click serves to both at once bathe the listener in a lulling and serenely mesmeric glow yet more over acts ominously as some calming herald ahead of some looming storm approach on the horizon. Of course both compositions reveal Atwood as a master craftsman in the art of slo core sonic colouring, but then you never really needed me telling you that.



Blimey the bank manager is going to have kittens, either that or i suzpect August’s diet will be strictly noodles, rice and water. Why you might ask, well we must have the entire quartet of Eno remasters heading out of the UMC / Virgin EMI sound house. Not just ordinary remasters mind, these have been remastered at half speed and spread across two slabs of vinyl intended for 45rpm play – the effect being that the sounds are expanded and loosened up, the albums set for treatment are ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’, ‘Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)’, ‘Another Green World’ and ‘Before and after Science’- between you and me if it was just one of these for the chosing then it has to be the landmark ‘Another Green World’ – in a word so far ahead of the curve it leaves the rest fashionably pedestrian in comparison, anyhow we could ramble on and on about why you need it in your life but instead we’ll settle for a few videos featuring of the Eno dude…..

half speed teaser…

‘behind the reflection’ documentary…..

Early in Eno in 4 minutes….

Eno, Bowie and Visconti…behind the Wizard’s curtain…..

Interlude…..Roy Orbison…

Should never be a need to make excuses or give reasons, the dude with the most sublime voice, every collection should own at least one Roy record……incidentally not a definitive list, there are better, but ‘running scared’ – jeez the shivers down my spine, still gets me all these years on from hearing it as a child……  

In dreams…..

You got it…..

Running scared…..


Blue bayou….

interlude……..surf-a-delic twang / lounge tastiness……man or astro man, takeshi terauchi and blue jeans, takeshi terauchi and the bunnys, the bambi molesters, the treblemakers, the sound defects, foxtrot sierra…..

man…or astro man?…..

Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans…..

Takeshi Terauchi & the bunnys….

the bambi molesters…..

the sound defects….

Foxtrot sierra…..

The treblemakers…..

due for issue as summer falls, 3 loop music are set to release two expanded sets by curve, notably their debut ‘doppelganger’ and ‘cuckoo’ – both given the deluxe treatments, these two CD double disc outings feature remastered versions of both with a healthy helping of rare b-sides, remixes and live edits – all alas previously available during the early 90’s, there will also be vinyl represses of this long out of print title via the Cherry Red shop……


Ten little girls……

Fait accompli……

apologies to the band if we’ve got the name and song title the wrong away around, we think this is Fenster with ‘none’ though stand to be corrected. Again another track across on a recent ramble around sound cloud, this ‘un sounding ripe for a spot of interest from the Felte imprint sounding as it does as though it’s just awoken from an early 80’s induced coma and very much culturing a deliciously shadow traced oblique chill toning that one might imagine the result of Modern Eon shimmied up to Pink Industry retuning as were New Order’s ‘movement’. https://soundcloud.com/user-105633589/fenster

You don’t really need me telling you that new outings by Klaus Morlock are essential listening distractions, even as the case may be here old recordings re-found anew as on ‘old negatives’. A five-track gathering of personal pickings from the vaults hand selected by the man himself, a few of which have been long out of print along with a simply stunning collaboration with the Hare and the Moon released Autumn time last year which will simply blow your mind in terms of the intricacy applied and the overall enchantment of the pastoral pageantry unfolding within – it’s a track we fondly mentioned in detail here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/09/10/klaus-morlock-5/ Switching between moments of sepia glazed enchantment and darkly set tension draped pensively staring from the shadows mosaics, ‘old negatives’ tugs, pushes and pulls you back and forth between moments of prettified grace and petrified gloom, sometimes awash in a floral fashioning, Morlock crafts a romantic posy of bucolic beauty that’s breathlessly beguiled in a softly sighed classicist vintage, best exemplified here by the genuflecting courtship of ‘after the rain’. In sharpened ‘bleeding’ however offers up a mirror opposite, the mood dark, haunted, hunted and hollowed in a walls tightening paranoia. Elsewhere supernatural visitations and nightmarish occurrence eerie the ghost lit ceremonial that is ‘the burning of molly kingdom’ while the prettying lightly toed dance of the modal arrangements on ‘magic circle’ casts a spell weaving playful prickling that impishly woos between trick and treat, leaving ‘ephemera’ to see matters out oozed to the bitter sweet spray of noir toned pastorals. https://klausmorlock.bandcamp.com/album/old-negatives  

while you are there you might do well to check out both ‘the Goatman’ and ‘the Blackheath tapes’ both as the Unseen – a collaboration with Simon Magus and both mentioned briefly here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/the-unseen/ when mentioning the ‘Mary’ soundtrack and there  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/03/16/the-unseen-3/

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End grooves…..

gone…….Michael Bond……..


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