look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping….transmission 26….Side A….

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 26.0 – Side A….w/e 01/07/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

Mid way point in the year, we thought we’d split this particular missive in two, an A and B side if you must, the flip version coming later today x


Diagnos, the Clientele, Robert Sotelo, Orbital, Der Plan, Electronic Sound, Terry, the Guilt, Chad VanGaalen, Jumble Hole Clough, slift, polypores, distant creatures, div i ded, good good blood, lastigband, omaloma, free /slope, Charlie and the Moonheart, googs, lost sounds, angry angles,the radiacs, the vice barons, les jaguars, the neptunas, the monsters, the astro zombies, satan’s pilgrims, the fuzztones, poison ivy, the cramps, the gold needles, stan dart, Betzler & Brückner, bill Orcutt, kompakt kat, Delaware road, the polymer cities, mirror house, future disguises, clean nice quiet, supersonic piss, jesus kriss and the beetles, the coathangers, Tele:Funken, Harold faltermayer,you the night and the music…..

mentioned and adored on many occasion in recent despatches, this is a new download single heading out of the control freak kitten imprint by Diagnos. A track from an imminent and much looked forward to self titled full length happening, this is ‘walking down’ – a soft thawed kosmick mysterio all grace toned in delicate orbital murmurs and sprays of hymnal hushes which had we not known any better, might well have hazarded a guess it be some thought long lost secret studio liaison happened upon by an accidental meeting between Spiritualized and a very youthful variant of the Earlies in the early 00’s. quite sublime if you ask me. Soundlinks a coming soon – fingers crossed.

Simply smoking and heading out for digital emporium counter swooning aplenty sometime mid July via Tapete, ‘lunar days’ marks the welcoming return of the Clientele, the download track heralds the arrival in September of their first full length in seven long lonely years with the planned arrival of ‘music for the age of miracles’. Previously mentioned here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/06/15/the-clientele/ – it provides for four minutes of delightfully bliss tipped 60’s shimmering delicately demurred in a subtle baroque arrest which asides anything recalls the mercurial tones of Left Banke whilst sumptuously settling in a seductive softly sighed safe spot located somewhere between Kingsbury Manx, Neutral Milk Hotel and the Doleful Lions. 

Alas again no sound links on this one, rest assured we are working on it. Shame really because this, a debuting track entitled ‘let’s transcend’ ripped from a forthcoming upset the rhythm release by the name ‘cusp’ by Robert Sotelo really is one of those catch you on the hop sun sprayed peculiar pop moments perfected and fractured in warping psyche essences. Possessed of an impish creativity that rushes at you setting you all a spin, its wonky kaleidoscopic radiance and dimpled dayglo trippiness recalls elements of Jacco Gardner albeit as though refracted through the lysergic lens of the Elephant 6 Collective.

Those among you subscribing to the bundle version of the current issue of Electronic Sound – #30 to be precise – the Kraftwerk one, will find accompanying your print edition, a coloured vinyl 7 inch featuring Orbital’s cover of the ‘Werk’s ‘numbers’ on one side and impish dudes Der Plan on t’other. Now we here have always had a soft spot for ‘numbers’ – perhaps one of the most sparsely minimalist and intricately forward thinking tracks from Kraftwerk’s landmark ‘computer world’ opus, however left in the hands of Orbital its given a rather robust beats driven upgrade that’s sure to raise the club floor tempretures to maxima as it ricochets, swerves and saunters amid a snakily funk struck techno body slams all the time squirelled upon an impatiently kooky and flirty coda that’s sure to burrow deep beneath the skin and party hard in your headspace long after the stylus leaves the vinyl. Over on the flip the mighty Der Plan serve up the cooly coalescing ‘Wie Die Wind Weht’ – a track culled from their forthcoming full length ‘Unkapitulierba’ – quite possibly one of the most straightforward pop normal moments of the collection that comes purred upon wafts of chorals and kosmische pulsars, annoyingly good i’m afraid to say. 

More upset the rhythm loveliness this time in the shape of Terry and a forthcoming download single ‘glory’. Terry hail from Melbourne which last time we checked was in Australia, they do pop in a delightfully playful and fried way, its buzzy, sometimes even fuzzy, irrefutably adorable,affectionate and literally oozing feel good radiance with each passing groove spin, this one has a curiously cute glam slacker persona with impish hooks aplenty, lashings of swirling motifs, sounds like prime era Elephant 6 Collective, its addictively cool, its what the repeat play buttons are for. 

Terry on Tour…     Tuesday 27th June in Manchester at The Soup Kitchen

                                                                Wednesday 28th June in Glasgow at Broadcast

                                                                Thursday 29th June in Newcastle at The Cumberland Arms

                                                                Friday 30th June in London at The Lexington

                                                                Wednesday 19th July in Brighton at The Prince Albert

                                                                Thursday 20th July in London at Islington Assembly Hall

Nothing like a spot of savaged scuffed up festering boogie, so with that in mind let us introduce you to the Guilt. These dudes hail from Sweden, have just or are at least are about to release their debut self titled full length through the heptown imprint. Jeez the blighter has had us pinned in the corner under prolonged attack from the agit assault raging forth from these ten scab scratching sonic sorties. While we gather our wherewithal we’ve honed in on two cuts from this seismic set, ‘Cunty mess’ – video below – is a whole heap of twisted and contorted glam gouging, obviously admirers of Katastrophy Wife, however its ‘i don’t care’ that you really ought to be plugging yourself into, sadly no attached links, but take it from me this howling hate comes blistered kissed in festering fury, in short a venomous scalding white hot shriek shredding slab of punch you flat out discorant rock-a-hula. 

Pulled from an imminent set coming through on sub pop sometime September entitled ‘light information’, Chad VanGaalen has sent forth from his sixth full length happening ‘old heads’ for total swoon effect, from the tracks press release here’s a little background – ‘this new song, “Old Heads”, is a sci-fi space anthem to technology that constantly replaces itself, proving both necessary and unnecessary at the same time. It’s also a jangly pop gem, a trip through the fantastical that is ultimately warm and relatable. This remarkable coexistence is one of many achievements of Chad VanGaalen’s Light Information’. Okay so with that, hopefully you are all up to speed, mind you what it fails tell you is that ‘Old Heads’ radiates with such delay effect feel good effervescence that its liable to have you all in a smitten and jaw dropped wonder as it peels and blossoms its way all the time spraying forth a tantalisingly warmly freckled west coast wooziness succulently peppered in a pristinely toned and rarefied early 70’s MOR all adorably shimmered in softly dissipating psych flavouring, which unless our ears are woefully deceiving hints of a top of their game Flaming Lips colluding with a youthful Animal Collective all backed and supported by an all star cast of Elephant 6 Collective types. 

Chad VanGaalen live dates:


Oct. 15 – Utrecht, NL – EKKO 

Oct. 16 – Rotterdam, NL – Rotown 

Oct. 17 – London, UK – Oslo 

Oct. 18 – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club 

Oct. 20 – Hamburg, DE – Molotow (Sky Bar) 

Oct. 21 – Copenhagen, DK – Stengade

Oct. 22 – Berlin, DE – Kantine am Berghain 

Oct. 24 – Düdingen, CH – Bad Bonn

Oct. 25 – Lyon, FR – Le Sonic 

Oct. 26 – Amiens, FR – La Lune des Pirates

Oct. 27 – Paris, FR – Point Ephemere 

Oct. 28 – Nantes, FR – SOY Festival

Oct. 29 – Tourcoing, FR – Le Grand Mix

Oct. 30 – Luxemburg, LU – Rotondes 

Oct. 31 – Gent, BE – BIB 

North America

Nov. 09 – Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore Cabaret

Nov. 10 – Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern *

Nov. 12 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir *

Nov. 14 – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel *

Nov. 15 – Los Angeles, CA – Satellite Club *

Nov. 16 – San Diego, CA – Soda Bar *

Nov. 17 – Phoenix, AZ – Valley Bar *

Nov. 19 – Denver, CO – Hi Dive *

Nov. 20 – Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court

Nov. 30 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace

Dec. 01 – Detroit, MI – El Club **

Dec. 02 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle **

Dec. 03 – Indianapolis, IN – The Hi Fi **

Dec. 05 – Pittsburgh, PA – Club Cafe **

Dec. 06 – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade NYC **

Dec. 07 – Allston, MA – Great Scott **

Dec. 08 – Montreal QC – Fairmont**

*w/ NE-HI

**w/ Un Blonde

I could have sworn we’d mentioned this lot in passing and lo and behold we have, mind you ever so briefly somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/you-the-night-and-the-music/ which judging by the description we afforded it then, it seems we were much smitten by their wayward charm and impeccably erratic genre plucking pic n’ mix. However on this occasion, it’s Small Bear’s Phil that you can thank for bringing the latest from Jumble Hole Clough to our attention. The set be called ‘go and play quietly by yourself’, a collection coloured and stitched in the kind of fried and flippantly freak finery that’s apt at any given point to go seriously off road. In truth its pointless trying to box it up, the blighter as said earlier impishly cuts a skeddadled and smoking dash twisting styles and references into a kookily trippy mosaic which as you’ve probably noted with interest by way of the comments posted on his bandcamp page, can to different ears summon up a recalling of Beefheart, Zappa, Henry Cow and Fripp. That said such is the creative reach on evidence here, you might fancy adding Steve Hillage (try ‘what have you leant’ which unless do ears deceive has a Gong thing running amok throughout albeit here retooled by the Wizards of Twiddly and an in house studio gathering of Foolproof Project folk) and Vivian Stanshall (see ‘hot cross nuns’) to that hallowed list, for between the lunacy and warped n’ wonky musical motifs on show here, there are some certified nuggets, take for instance ‘jackal sequin song’ – starts with what sounds like a fiercesome power drill, its not by way, once the trippy carnival motifs fade, some seriously stoned out garage blues growls step to the fore, anyone mention the mighty Bevis Frond, hells teeth its so beatnik-y i’m growing a beard. Lets just say ‘st stephen’s bell’ is pure early career Clinic and leave it at that. Guess you’ll be hearing more from this classic of oddness in waiting in future missives, while ‘Santa’s swearing elves’ comes delightfully deranged in a wonderfully inside ov a butcher’s shop way that we feel obliged shortly to leave you while we go off in search of our prized Prolapse platters for favourable comparison. https://jumbleholeclough.bandcamp.com/album/go-and-play-quietly-by-yourself  

okay a teasingly brief mention for this one, we’ve just taken delivery of our vinyl copy (limited to 100 copies – all sold out in 24 minutes by all accounts via the polytechnic youth folk – our copy incidentally for notetakers out there, was numbered #17/100), so you can expect fuller mentions in the next missive. For now though, prized from the latest Polypores opus ‘timeholes II’ this is ‘timehole C’ – a masterclass in controlled sustain succulently equipped in dream draped minimalist kosmische murmurs the likes of which have you imagining a cosmic configuration ever so slowly forming into line to emerge on the lunar skyline greeting a new dawn. https://polypores.bandcamp.com/track/timehole-c  

oh yes, fancy some stoner psych fuzz loveliness, this bad boy is being lined up by both the much admired around here, Howlin Banana imprint and the exag label who are collectively colluding to cook plans up to put this trip toned melodic magic mushroom happening out on 12 inches of hulking hullucinogenic wax, it be by Slift and called ‘the sword’ – folks this is so far out you might want to consider leaving a crumb trail so you can safely find your way back from the mind fracturing cosmic odyssey that these dudes are going to lay upon you, some nifty early 70’s vintage-ness afoot here, very freak-y, but can i ask, is it just me who thinks they sound like Gnod in a face off with Hookworms.

Admit it, isn’t this a lovely little pop poppet, happened we tripped over it inadvertently whilst checking out new loveliness from Cae Gwyn records, more about that a little later. This is Distant Creatures with ‘a friend’s halo’ – a softly crystalline dream pop cutie sugar rushed in vapour trails of twinkle turned orbiting boy / girl conversations and the sweet arrest of lovelorn euphoria. https://soundcloud.com/distantcreatures/a-friends-halo

Again more sugar rushing effervescence, this time from a combo who we think are called Div I Ded, alas the band camp link appears disabled which is a great shame because ‘wasted’ appears to freefall sumptuously into the kind of fizzing feel good jangle chiming terrains to find them longingly located somewhere between the Primitives and a more affectionately adoring Manhattan Love Suicides. https://soundcloud.com/2divided/wasted-1  

Staying with all things Team Love records, i must admit we’ve found ourselves gravitating towards this deceptively tasty thing on more than one occasion today, this is Good Good Blood with ‘the sunken tree’ – a track lifted from a recently released full length by the name ‘songs from where i live’ which i’m suspecting we need to hear for fear of spontaneous combustion. Anyhow as said, don’t be none too surprised if this catches you off guard at an unexpected moment. Far from being in your face, all abrupt and shouty, Good Good Blood prefer to delicately whisper in your ear, the melodies softly stirred almost lazy eyed and irrefutably genteel are teased with a warming campfire mellowness all arrested upon an hypnotic countrified hymnal hue, the spell only being momentarily broken at the 2.10 mark whereupon swathes of ethereal choral tones pipe in with a misty majesty, its almost like a bruised and withdrawn wound licking Pale Saints being put back together by the Beachwood Sparks if you ask me. https://soundcloud.com/teamlove/05-the-sunken-tree  

As promised, first of a brace of releases from the Cae Gwyn imprint, suspecting we missed this one previously, not sure how that happened, but here’s Lastigband with ‘Jelo’ whose softly stirred fashioning of shade adorned psych accents had us fondly musing that it had been recently unearthed by way of vault find of lost mid 60’s garage beat happenings here rephrased and hooked upon some delightfully sea breezed tropicalia. https://soundcloud.com/recordiaucaegwynrecords/lastigband-jelo

Latest from Cae Gwyn, we believe out now, comes from Omaloma who you may recall had us fondly cooing a little while back in these here very pages somewhere here in fact https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/omaloma/ – their latest ‘Aros O Gwmpas’ provides perfectly the soundtrack for these sultry nights basking beneath the glowing sky cover of the recent summer hot day falls, it being seductively swooned in an amorphous spray of tropical lounge lilts all softly traced and longingly marooned upon Balearic braids and demurringly pressed with oodles of dissipating flotillas wafting in a jetstream of laid back easy on the ear watching idly as the clouds pass by seduction setting smokiness.

Interlude…..garage / trash / punk …. Charlie and the Moonheart, googs, lost sounds, angry angles,the radiacs, the vice barons, les jaguars, the neptunas, the monsters, the astro zombies, satan’s pilgrims, the fuzztones, poison ivy, the cramps….

Charlie and the Moonheart…..


lost sounds…..

angry angles…..

the radiacs….

the vice barons…..

les jaguars…..

the neptunas……

the monsters…

the astro zombies….

satan’s pilgrims….

the fuzztones….

poison ivy…..

the cramps….

Happen that you might want to file and pair for in tandem listening with that forthcoming Diagnos full length this latest from Free / Slope. Prized from an imminent set for the sound effects and deep distance houses entitled ‘daydream melodies’, both ‘washing machine’ and ‘improvisations in G major’ have been the somewhat cause of much swooning here with their melodic peppering of swirly orbital mosaics decorating our listening space in flotillas of soothing cruise controlled kosmische all the time engaging our head space in mind expansive manoeuvres. These tripping aural astroglides come desirably dinked in lulling sprays of motorik murmurs with ‘washing machine’ somewhat purred upon the collectively  patented jet pop oddyseys of Kraftwerk, Fly and Eat Lights Become Lights, however its ‘improvisations in G Major’ that’ll set the space pop tongues a wagging, a hermetically sealed bliss kissed proggy psych vapour bathed lock grooved stoner cut in the image of Spaceman 3, albeit a Spaceman 3 basking out sunbathing on some hitherto distant twin mooned beach of an yet unnamed and unmapped star configuration being served after noon teas by Sunray. https://freeslope.bandcamp.com/releases  

Those of you with long-ish memories may recall us going a tad giddy at the arrival last year of a split Fruit de Mer happening that featured Cats Never Sleep on one side and the Gold Needles on t’other – if you don’t then fear not it was here  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/07/17/the-gold-needles-the-cats-never-sleep/ – I mention all this because we had a much welcome message from Mark / Gold Needles asking us if we fancied a teaser earful from a forthcoming single being prepped by the band for release. Now I don’t know about you but a phrase in common usage around these here parts involving bears, woods and their natural habits instantly rallied to mind. ‘Not tonight Josephine’ be the tracks name, produced and hitherto given the seal of approval by cool dude Fran Ashcroft, this warmly toned softly shimmered countrified psych jangle comes crisply caressed upon a delicately radiant west coast smokiness whose becoming glow is bedded upon a deceptively adoring lazy eyed lilt that aside tailgaiting the kind of sonic spaces once upon a time the domain of the Autumn Leaves similairly freefalls into the blissful easy on the ear terrains of the much adored Snails. Alas though no sound links for now, rest assured though we are working on it.   

Look i know its been out for an eternity, 2015 to be precise, how on earth did we miss this first time of asking. Peeled from a set called ‘2’ put out by German based imprint Syngate, this is Betzler & Brückner with ‘(Not) Too Late’, believe you me this one is going to freak you out with its seamless knack for continually shapeshifting, for across its 12 minute visitation this floor throbbing, mind morphing head trip pilots a trajectory that at once touches base with the classic elements of prog, kosmische, ambience and nu age into the bargain forging a dream draped out of body astral bridge between the likes of Tangerine Dream / the Enid and Ozric Tentacles / Astralasia which aside anything else ought to appeal to the more bonged out and beardy happenings emanating from the Fruits de Mer soundhouse, hello Craig Padilla et al.  https://syngate.bandcamp.com/track/not-too-late    

Latest to the Syngate roster, a new set entitled ‘Ecclesia’ by Stan Dart, a work inspired by Church space and its appreciation therein through electronic sounds. Being time poor around these here parts, we’ve honed in on the track ‘Sanctus’ – a track beautifully expressed in prettified and pulsing star charmed undulating neo classical pastorals softly infused with monastic murmurs all seamlessly coalesced into a sophisticated and chicly toned nocturnal adoring that manages at once to convey both mystery and majesty to its widescreen bow. https://syngate.bandcamp.com/album/ecclesia-2-cd  

Quite something else this and something that’s sure to prick the ear of both admirers of the Corrupting Sea and Scott William Urquhart. This is a cut lifted from Bill Orcutt’s imminent self titled full length through the Palilalia imprint, this being ‘the world without me’ – an utterly beautiful track, finitely crafted and honed to cut deep and deliberate, just love its free spirited aura, flexed in nods to John Fahey and Jack Rose yet bespoke with elements of Loren Connors, Roy Montgomery and a passing reference to the late 80’s New Zealand scene. Perhaps what charms is the way it manages to convey a sense of letting you into a secret inner space as though a serene union between self, the surrounding elements and nature itself, its poetic sonic conversation impeccably corralled in a pristinely turned sparsely toned poise that fills and colours the spaces to create a richly vivid portrait of a reflective moment frozen in time.

Another of those mysterious Bedroom Cassette Masters’ outings, this one heading out of Russia by компакт-катя and again i’m afraid to say, something quite extraordinary and demanding of your immediate listening time. ‘Aba Cercato’ is a surreally shapeshifting 14 minute dream suite, reference wise in terms of spirit, style and design, you might be best re-familiarising yourself with Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘magnetic fields I’ (yes the lengthy 17 minute side) as a starting point for this full on immersive head trip is a journey into inner worlds, secret space and strange cosmic continents peppered and populated by fading memories, recollections and blurring visions of both the past and futures to come, a dissipating palette both trance toned and traced in techno mosaics, its sepia framing wonderfully terraforming to create an amorphous astral ride whose surrounding landscape morphs and mutates seductively between moments of celestial choral recitals, snaking arabesque trippiness and noir glowing lunar pulsars. Immaculate. https://kompaktkat.bandcamp.com/album/aba-cercato  

Coming soon to a nuclear bunker in Essex soon, the Delaware Road Collective are set gather to take you on a very special evening journey into mystery, prose, poetry, film, theatre and electronic sound – in the meantime expect happenings from Buried Treasure courtesy of archive recordings from Alan Sutcliffe and Yuri Morozov to grace these pages in the coming days – appetizers here https://buriedtreasure.bandcamp.com/album/strange-angels and there https://buriedtreasure.bandcamp.com/album/ems-synthi-aks-improv  

We really must keep on top of this review lark and perhaps check our emails and various social media postings, not entirely sure whether we’ve mentioned this previously, i’m suspecting not, neither with much disappointment do we have info aplenty about it or its author Polymer Cities with which to quench your desire for knowledge while you wire your headspace into its nanobot nuances. Anyhow Polymer Cities is Allan Murphy who aside ducking and diving behind a plethora of alter egos is most familiar as the now sadly defunct Midwich Youth Club. This be ‘in your mind’ which he describes in passing as ‘glitch and roll’ – typically impish, a bytes bonkers kosmische defragmentation, all Tron toned communiques and binary chatter chortling and chunering up and down the information highway purred and piped in all manner of murmuring motorik mosaics and silvery shimmers, very cyber techno and something that’s sure to have the household electrical appliances getting a tad frisky and hot beneath their ampage. https://soundcloud.com/midwich-youth-club/in-your-mind  

loosely connected with Allan Murphy / the Polymer Cities / Midwich Youth Club, well we know that at the very least he’s responsible for the video, here’s something cooking and smouldering on the back burner by Mirror House entitled ‘destroyer’ – a heads down meteor mullering motorik star cruiser equipped with a beardy undercarriage of tripping turbos and dimensional disturbing delay shocking futurist shimmer tones, sound wise the equivalent i guess of putting your head in a cosmic tumble dryer and racking up the setting to oblivion, but then what do i know.


…and before you all accuse of us of turning this particular missive in an Allan Murphy special, look i swear no blank cheques or postal orders have been exchanged, here’s another teasingly brief but deceptively dinky dematarialized doodle from the workbench of the Polymer Cities, this one is called ‘recreational zone 4’ and a strange hullucinogenic experience it is,weaving in and out of consciousness like some celestial Galllifreyian carousel.

Alas brief but very very beautiful in a weirdly sepia glazed noir way, this is ‘reset’ by future disguises who we’ve had occasion to mention previously in these pages, this ‘un sounding as though it’s been future proofed from a late 90’s Birmingham scene, seductively shadowy not too mention ghosted in the kind of vintage fashioning that suggests aside missing an late 60’s / early 70’s spy film with which to adore, sounds like a lost echo from the celebrated and much missed Wurlitzer Jukebox / Liquefaction imprints of yore. https://soundcloud.com/megaloid-industries/reset    

Happened across the latest mix tape from the previously unknown to us Clean Nice Quiet folk who describe it, dare we say rightly, ‘an hour of new rock’n’roll, vinyl obscurities from yesteryear, and more’ – damn fine it is to mixing well heeled familiar classics from the likes of Bolan, Haley, Little Joe and the Thrillers, Elton John and er – Oscar the Griouch – yep the one from Sesame Street with a healthy snot nosed crew of youthful agitants the likes of the Fat Boys, the amazingly caustic and brutal Supersonic Piss, single mothers, pale kids and more. Picks of the set though must surely go to Mayflower Madame whose enigmatically cinematic ‘drown’ is purred with such atmospheric grandeur as to have you swoonfully tummaging through your platter pickings searching frantically for your Chameleons classics of yore. Whilst also finding themselves earning themselves an affectionate glance or three, Jesus Cris and the Beetles cook up a frantic power pop storm with the speed freaked ‘boy without a bedframe’ –  http://www.cleannicequiet.com/2017/04/cnq30.

Many thanks to Mark of the gold needles for sending over early listening peaks of the flip side to their forthcoming release ‘not tonight Josephine’ (see earlier for mentions), again no sound links for now, this one is called ‘Eventide’ – a wonderfully lolloping slice of grazing lazy eyed seafaring sereneness that’s seductively marooned and piloting a demurring course for Monsterism island all the time spraying their path with Bucolic bouquets whilst accompanied by an onboard crewmanship in their soft psych pea green boat, made up variously of members of Toshak Highway, Soft Hearted Scientists and the Superimposers . 

Firmly rooted our radar and mentioned once or twice in passing – see here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/03/07/the-coathangers/ and here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/05/02/the-coathangers-2/ – the Coathangers have just completed an extensive tour of Europe and the UK – if the dates we have are present and correct though i’m suspecting something might have gone seriously awry because that previously mentioned ‘parasite’ EP is about to drop this week via suicide squeeze. Of course you are probably oh so fed up with us banging on about ‘Captain’s dead’ – third track here and a belter – that we thought we might take the opportunity to hone in on a brace of other dandies to be found lurking amid the grooves, not least the opening title track – a short sharp and to the point festering slice of up and in your face squalling agit pop, had us much minded of a savage Vice Squad att the peak of their powers. however that said we suggest you head over to ‘down down’ were matters get a tad more mellowed and slow burning for something that’s apt to fracture and splinter at any given moment, features some nifty soft psych toned dream drifted riffage and a cooling classiscism that veers with much aplomb between haight ashbury and mr aeroplane man.

Incoming celestial divine via Static Caravan from the in from the cold Tele:Funken. Seriously, i’m sure we’ve mentioned before on occasion, that the Static dudes are amidst a killer purple patch of topper most releases, Matters and BlackAsh forthcoming with Home Current, Tubular Brass, Anthony J Reynolds and Victories at Sea out and about presently are all indicators of a label blessed with a trusted ear for the eclectic which after twenty years, still defiantly refuses to be pigeon holed. Peeled from a forthcoming full length tentatively called ‘bespoke’, Tele:Funken returns to the Static stable after a long sixteen year ramble with a brace of cuts delicately demurred in a softly seductive 70’s styled sprays of kosmische vintage, the first of which ‘going home now’ will simply have you jaws to the floor in fond wonder at its svelte star serenading symattery, a solar symphony or more over a sleepy headed stasis soundtrack rippled and woozed in lush library lunar lullaby lilts all teasingly traced and dimpled by pulsing half light corteges of cosmic Balearic braids, utterly mesmeric. Over to the flip, ‘still sky blue’ seemingly pilots its retro funk struck motorik flight path trajectory into the floor mooching co-ordinates of label mates Free School whilst in search of a passing worm hole to wander down and take them back to the mid 70’s.


Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


End groove…..

Axel F extended mix……

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