papernut cambridge

staying with the WIAIWYA imprint, here’s a little something that we picked up on a few weeks ago only to manage lose it in all the incoming chaos we laughingly call a filing system here at the Sunday experience sound shed. ‘7 at 77’ is a limited charity release, proceeds from which are going to fund the admirable done by Médecins Sans Frontières, the deal being seven bands invited to contribute one 77 minute track – edit versions available here, each of the seven recordings will be released on a daily basis for seven days from 7/7/17, the hope being to raise £7,777. Alas the physical CD editions have long since sold out, leaving just the digital versions and some neat looking A3 posters – one commissioned for each of the artists. We’ll probably be revisiting this again later, however for now,here’s a little Papernut Cambridge with ‘Everything You Say Is Lyrics, Anything You Touch is Art’ – a track which really is possessed with the kind of lazy eyed soft psych tweaked and countrified cool that might have you first thinking you’d stumbled on some hitherto lost supergroup gathering nugget discovered recently in the vaults of the esteemed Elephant 6 Collective and hee i’m thinking Apples in Stereo in some studio head to head with a youthful Jumbo, all very cool.

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