toby esterhaus

Nabbed this from a posting put up by Matt Bower – he who is Wizards Tell Lies fame, of whom i should say now, might be popping up in their own right if not this missive, then one arriving trundling down the horizon. Anyhow seems Mr Bower has been putting his animation skills to good use to creating a somewhat oddly surreal collage for an equally ominous track by Toby Esterhaus entitled ‘dissolving Michael’. Not I hasten to add suggested listening alone and after hours for there’s an isolationist chill eerily emanating from this minimalist pulsars that bleakly taps into dystopian visions of paranoia, surveillance and the whole caboodle of technological terror, in fact there’s a whole CD of this stuff entitled  ‘Technotheque’ with which to, we suspect, trouble your waking hours and give you a bad case of the night terrors. Suggested listening then for those whose sound loves freewheel into Aetheric records and the Truth about Frank terrains.

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