hopefully appearing in, if not this version of this particular missive then certainly the next, we’ll be giving the once over on a new yellow6 release heading out in limited quantities of cassette via the somewhere cold imprint. For now, spotted earlier yesterday on his sound cloud page, two newly peeled tracks not featured on that aforementioned incoming. Both ‘summer skies’ and ‘summer rain’ are literally so hot off the presses i swear you can hear the fading embers of the fizzing hum of the reverb still restlessly recoiling into silence. All the familiar Y6 tropes are present and in attendance here, both are, as you might rightly muse, cut to a classically cooled tapestry that’s at once measured, poised and purred in solemn perfection, the former especially accentuates Atwood’s adept ear for the brooding atmospheric, very much tuned to Roy Montgomery’s ‘true’, there’s an ominous sense of the pensive afoot here, a gathering of storm clouds emerging through the stillness, the effect is quite stirring and mesmeric, not least majestic, as though a soundtrack for an as yet unwritten early 70’s gritty cold war espionage thriller. ‘summer rain’ though less tension riddled than its sibling, is still gravened in stilled portent which to a metronomic click serves to both at once bathe the listener in a lulling and serenely mesmeric glow yet more over acts ominously as some calming herald ahead of some looming storm approach on the horizon. Of course both compositions reveal Atwood as a master craftsman in the art of slo core sonic colouring, but then you never really needed me telling you that.  

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