L.A. Witch

Coming ahead of their self  titled debut full length through suicide squeeze this September, the chill twanging death rattle of LA Witch with ‘kill my baby tonight’ has all the primitively prowled kudos to suggest its hollowed hallmarks have been summoned forth from lost nights pouring over vault digging Lux Interior mix tapes. Primed in a shadowy 60’s shimmering, this dark hearted swamp dragged cutie sounds like its missing a black n’ white trash flick with which to groove its uber cooled noir purred spell charming upon, reference wise think Shangri-La’s evil twins doing bad things with Gallon Drunk studio cuttings whilst under the watchful eye of Joe Meek.


L.A. Witch live:

15/6 – Red Museum, Sacramento

16/6 – Cellar Door, Visalia

17/6 – Crepe Place, Santa Cruz

18/6 – HICKY FEST, Legget CA

19/6 – SLO Brew, SLO

22/6 – Blonde Bar (w/ Mystic Braves), San Diego

23/6 – Independent (w/ Mystic Braves), San Francisco

24/6 – Glass House (w/ Mystic Braves), Pomona

4/8 – Ace Hotel, Palm Springs CA

31/8 – Levitt Pavillion (MacArthur Park), LA

4/9 – Vera, Groningen

5/9 – Paradiso, Amsterdam

6/9 – Kinky Star, Ghent

7/9 – Kantime am Berghain, Berlin

8/9 – Burger Invasion: Cologne, Köln

9/9 – Burger Invasion: Molotow, Hamburg

11/9 – Le Cog D’Or, Olten

13/9 – Gonzo Club, Zurich

14/9 – Le Baraka, Clermont-Ferrand

15/9 – Festival TBC @ 013, Tilburg

16/9 – Le Batofar, Paris

17/9 – DIY Cafe, Lille

18/9 – The Crofters Right, Bristol UK

19/9 – Acid Box, Brighton UK

20/9 – Moth Club, London UK

21/9 – Mono, Glasgow UK

22/9 – Psych Festival, Liverpool UK

23/9 – Rotown, Rotterdam

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