whirling hall of knives

Veering into the belly of the beast, the tension tightening, descending ever more deeper to a place sucked of all light at the precipice of the void, hell;s teeth this is a mammoth slab of beat gouged psychotropic badness. Latest from Whirling Hall of Knives who it seems have been mightily productive of late sneaking out releases like no ones business just when our back is turned. Latest to their formidable catalogue looms the brooding behemoth ‘Bunkrapt’ – be warned this is going to sever heads. An extended two-track colossus pressed up on limited cassette – 60 in all through fort evil fruit. A seismic set that opens to the mind melting mesmeric grind of ‘Postglider / H-V Progress’ with the ‘postglider’ part of the bargain providing for a gruelling and punishing fixed staring apocalyptic future vision scabbed in a molten hot industrial techno tethering which i must admit had us imagining some hitherto brutalised face off finding an ‘Exorcism’ era Killing Joke colluding with the Battles c. ‘Atlas’ only for Gnod to turn up when everyone had convened to the local drinking well for some celebratory sauce to bastardise the tapes in their trademark blizzard of psychotronics. ‘h-v progress’ takes up the baton mid way to craft a hitherto more serene though ostensibly sinister sound board populated in squirreling binary conversations and pulsing future tech subliminal messaging, all very darkly detached and ominously isolationist. Over on the flip side you’ll find ‘Bury an Ox / Moldinoid / Glass Clatter Gallop’ wherein initial moments cast something of a primitively toned shadowy ceremony before dissipating, twisting and swirling into a mind fracturing and waywardly woozy tripping psychosis riddled kaleidoscopic dream sequence. Which leads matters to the end groove with the emergence of the hope sucking, light resistant, Kraut fired white-hot motorik mutant ‘glass clatter gallop’ – I guess taking a leaf out of the Astral Social Club’s book of sounds to melt heads, did we say essential. https://fortevilfruit.bandcamp.com/album/bunkrapt   

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