Wytch Pycknyck

Those paying attention to these things may well remember us mentioning or at least warning of the coming of Wytch Pycknyck in the guise of the new fuzz soaked stoned out ‘skeleton tape’ somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/05/16/wytch-pychnyck/ – anyhow the blighter is out now in a strictly limited edition of 50 available in 5 coloured variants, these dudes are heavy, like Sabbathian heavy, ‘double dutch’ particularly sounding as though its woken up from some early 70’s chemical haze, so wasted and primitive its liable give you a beard and loons just for being in earshot, like we said previously definitely one for the Brew, Rise Above and Riot Season loving patrons among you.  https://wytchpycknyck.bandcamp.com/

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