blanket rule

Do you know that feeling you get, like you’ve been touched by something very special and magical, like when within seconds of a track drawing to life you immediately feel the hairs on the back of your neck tingling, well i’m afraid its one of those moments. Alas absolutely no information on this except to say its by Blanket Rule is called ‘fuck’m’ and that its out, we think, through Osborne Again Music, oh and it’s a free download. Now lets not put too finer a point on matters here when i say this is heavenly, more so heavenly in a vaguely wistful and youthful Go Betweens type way, indeed that good. All very airily distractive, peppered in twinkling folk lilts and sprayed in a warmly radiant albeit bitter sweet vulnerability, one for the Sarah / Bus Stop / Summershine adoring souls among you i would have thought.

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