a most welcome message from those Pictogram dudes whose ‘clarified butter’ we mentioned in passing a little earlier. Alas that particular project is in cold storage for now, however a new direction, sound and style has risen from the ashes in the guise of Possum. This blighter near knocked off us our listening perch, it be called ‘Wizard Beard’ – a punch you out cold twang toned tornado, quite possibly the finest of its ilk that has pushed its way across our listening desk since the Wreaths had us all a wowing in stunned admiration. Studded in riffing arpeggios and cooled with a shadowy ghost rider gouging, this smoking gun toting primal blizzard howls seductively to a would be gathering of string plucking riffs for hire echoes, among whose number the Gun Club, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Dick Dale and Link Wray are counted.

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