the telescopes

Can’t recall for sure whether or not we’ve mentioned this previously in passing, new moving picture show from the Telescopes adoring the track ‘you can’t reach what you hunger’, the cut comes pulled from an imminent full length for Tapete called ‘as light returns’ – a copy of which we’ll have to pester their press folk for. All said you don’t need me telling you that anything remotely whiffing of the Telescopes is observed and devoured with bouts of near fainting swoons in this gaff this ‘un particularly so given it comes bliss bathed in a fizzing wall of sound whose cooled vapour kissed shimmering psych detailing arrives replete in shades and the kind of slo-mo fixed stare majesty that suggests its primary source of reference has been borne of blurring smoked out nights immersed in the sounds of the Velvets.

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