house of waxwork

The acclaimed Waxwork imprint are about to venture in the comic book realm with a very special being lined up, which from the looks of things harks directly back to the supernatural / gore days of the legendary 50’s EC publication ‘Tales from the Crypt’. The graphic novel arm – Waxwork Comics will shortly release its first 32 page edition, ‘house of Waxwork’ features original macabre stories of terror, suspense and ghastly ne’er do well’ing penned by celebrated cult artists – the debuting publication featuring a brace of tales ‘Occult Slumber Party’ and ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ arrive in specially designed variants with each coming accompanied by a 7 inch single pressed on a choice of colours – green and olive splatter or blue and aquamarine splatter featuring eerie scores by Douglas Pipes and Creeper. As to the sounds, a three track fright flavouring awaits with skin chilling delight via the links book ending this mention, all very much inspired and influenced by John Carpenter, opening with ‘house of waxwork theme’ – which in some respects strangely updates to a certain extent the sweeping noir toned fusing of tension and dramatics brought to bear by Bernard Hermann on the psychological flick ‘Psycho’. ‘occult slumber party’ with its spine tingling motifs and storm looming portent looming armospherics is rolled upon a grimly manifesting symphonic scare factoring that’s much in awe of the type of sinister soundtracks that once upon a time adored the horror Giallo Italo films of Fulci. ‘lighthouse keeper’ brings these dread tidings to a creepy close, possessed of a chilling isolationist etching, this ‘un veers into the svelte shadow lands of 80’s VHS sonics, one for the ‘stranger things’ admirers among you and something that ought to attract admiring nods from those much smitten by Carpenter ‘utopian façade’ from his acclaimed ‘lost themes II’ collection.   

House Of Waxwork Issue 1

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