the corrupting sea

Newly posted serving from the Corrupting Sea whose forthcoming outing ‘resist’ is available on a strictly limited cassette, something we’ll be having to nab for our own. Anyhow for now from that incoming, this is ‘persist’ – a beautifully brooding monolith whose sparsely toned atmospheric compass calibrates its sonic setting to a trajectory whereupon the domains of godspeed and john carpenter collide and eclipse. To the doom draped finality of the ghost lit sirens, a serene beauty unfurls bringing with it a sense of something set in stone, eternal, umoveable, a maintaining of an unbroken primitive as old as time order, perhaps an omnipresent watchfulness as the very elements of nature are harnessed and honed into a perpetual symphonic sigh. One for the John 3:16 admirers among you i’d hasten to add.     


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