the oscillation

Up next three very special releases straight from the ultra cool hip of the Wrong Way imprint…..

First up, a limited 300 only 7 inch from the Oscillation. Of course much admired and certainly not a stranger around these here parts, Mr Castellanos, for it is he who is the Oscillation, cooks up some nifty mind altering cosmic wig out-ness with the realities fracturing ‘evil in the tree’ – just between you and me this puts us in mind of some dream team studio head to head between the Legendary Pink Dots, TV Personalities and the Cleaners from Venus, but don’t go telling everyone we said that. Indelibly nodding to Syd, this space psych trip pill arrives in the kind of flashbacking fried freak zoned grooving that suggests its recently awoken from some 60’s  dropped hazy chemical smoke, absolutely on the button.

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