Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 27.0….

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 27.0….w/e 08/07/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….


Toby esterhaus, isobel ccircle, cosmic ground, wildest, sun skeleton, whirling hall of knives, hayden calnin,  naughtiest girl was a monitor, frozen ducks, anne cesna and essendon airport, Träneninvasion, pink plastic and panties, angela werner, die synthetische republic, le syndicat electronique, joel Jerome, baby woodrose,  Wytch Pycknyck, wand, la witch, mirror house, blanket rule, pictogram, jesus on the mainline, polypores, pictograms, froth, bmx bandits, pulselovers, peacers, the telescopes, waxwork, creepers, douglas pipes, strange turn, the oscillation, the goa express, glider, the corrupting sea, hawk, fir cone children, cassettes, the big enchilada, rock n roll rampage, anton barbeau, the sidewalk society, fuchsia, the mal Thursday show, maximum rock n’ roll, music to sleep to, good morning Mr Orwell, great electric papernut Cambridge, the unexplained sounds, Penelope isles, factory seconds, hot shorts, the golden dregs….

Nabbed this from a posting put up by Matt Bower – he who is Wizards Tell Lies fame, of whom I should say now, might be popping up in their own right if not this missive, then one arriving trundling down the horizon. Anyhow seems Mr Bower has been putting his animation skills to good use to creating a somewhat oddly surreal collage for an equally ominous track by Toby Esterhaus entitled ‘dissolving Michael’. Not I hasten to add suggested listening alone and after hours for there’s an isolationist chill eerily emanating from this minimalist pulsars that bleakly taps into dystopian visions of paranoia, surveillance and the whole caboodle of technological terror, in fact there’s a whole CD of this stuff entitled ‘Technotheque’ with which to, we suspect, trouble your waking hours and give you a bad case of the night terrors. Suggested listening then for those whose sound loves freewheel into Aetheric records and the Truth about Frank terrains.

On a slightly lighter note, lighter note who are we kidding, this is a trailer announcing the ominous approach of ‘Asterism’ by Isobel Ccircle who if I recall rightly is a collaborative head to head between April Larson and that Matt Bower bloke again. Anyway, this is heading out on Soft Bodies, I guess just about now, very much tuned into the Revenant Sea head space and gouged in all manner of menacingly apocalyptic, volcanic and cybertronic desolation, I’m gathering that covers the clinical chill laying waste to the hope of salvation.

Heading out shortly on the Deep Distance imprint, believe you me this will blow your mind, a new album from Cosmic Ground. Not sure whether the set actually features this particular track, we suggest you strap yourselves in and prepare for an 18 minute wig flipping brain wave rewiring upgrade for ‘the Watcher’ is to put it bluntly awash in high grade trip tipped serotonin blasts, a hybrid trance kosmische mothership possessed of Balearic ripples set at a fixed lunar point radiating cosmic happiness, reference wise a mid-way refuelling point between classic era Tangerine Dream and Craig Padilla. https://cosmicground.bandcamp.com/track/the-watcher   

Mentioned over the weekend, somewhere here in fact https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/07/01/wyldest-4/ – here’s those promised sound links for the latest Wyldest release about to break cover late September through the hand in hive imprint, an outing that continues a formidable rush of quality dream pop crushes put out by the ensemble, this one in particular coming smouldered in all manner of lunar sophistication that takes up its bow to fire love tipped arrows somewhere in the general direction of Free School and ROC. The band will be supporting the EP with an appearance the Waiting Room on September 27th….. https://soundcloud.com/wyldest/hitchhiker  

Now I’ll be honest in saying that this ‘un has clearly had us hopping precariously on the back foot. A new cassette release, ridiculously limited in nature – just 40 copies – all heading out of the Newcastle based Cruel Nature imprint. A three-track nugget from Sun Skeletons collectively titled ‘wax’. In truth, you better give opener ‘no gold wax’ a little space to breathe, it’s not immediate and neither does it hit you between the eyes, instead blighter lays little hatchlings that sprout and crack open just when you are least paying attention. Described in passing by way of the liner notes as ‘abstract drone free form jazz improves’ – you reckon eh…. what emerges on ‘no gold wax’ is a damn nifty slice of transcendental mesmeric that sounds as though it’s been jetted in from the Tibetan on some spiritual mistral, all smoky and cooled in a softly distracting bonged up psych flashing, in truth sound wise look upon it as a distant cousin that Quickspace never knew they had. Equally turned in primitive mysticism is ‘teeny turner’ – yes we get the little pun, another hypnotic affair I’m afraid that imagines a particularly out of it l’ Augmentation lost in the chemical smoke shimmied up to an equally stoned out Bardo Pond while rounding up the release, ‘gold wax’ at 12 minutes in length, basically a head expanding trip toned extended amalgam of the previous two cuts all woven into a deeply woozy atmospheric tapestry to which those Quickspace reference markers really become more apparent though this time as though graced, grizzled and gouged by the appearance of a youthful Grails to the equation. Essential. https://cruelnaturerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/wax    

Veering into the belly of the beast, the tension tightening, descending ever more deeper to a place sucked of all light at the precipice of the void, hells teeth this is a mammoth slab of beat gouged psychotropic badness. Latest from Whirling Hall of Knives who it seems have been mightily productive of late sneaking out releases like no one’s business just when our back is turned. Latest to their formidable catalogue looms the brooding behemoth ‘Bunkrapt’ – be warned this is going to sever heads. An extended two track colossus pressed up on limited cassette – 60 in all through fort evil fruit. A seismic set that opens to the mind melting mesmeric grind of ‘Postglider / H-V Progress’ with the ‘postglider’ part of the bargain providing for a gruelling and punishing fixed staring apocalyptic future vision scabbed in a molten hot industrial techno tethering which i must admit had us imagining some hitherto brutalised face off finding an ‘Exorcism’ era Killing Joke colluding with the Battles c. ‘Atlas’ only for Gnod to turn up when everyone had convened to the local drinking well for some celebratory sauce to bastardise the tapes in their trademark blizzard of psychotronics. ‘h-v progress’ takes up the baton mid-way to craft a hitherto more serene though ostensibly sinister sound board populated in squirrelling binary conversations and pulsing future tech subliminal messaging, all very darkly detached and ominously isolationist. Over on the flip side you’ll find ‘Bury an Ox / Moldinoid / Glass Clatter Gallop’ wherein initial moments cast something of a primitively toned shadowy ceremony before dissipating, twisting and swirling into a mind fracturing and waywardly woozy tripping psychosis riddled kaleidoscopic dream sequence. Which leads matters to the end groove with the emergence of the hope sucking, light resistant, Kraut fired white hot motorik mutant ‘glass clatter gallop’ – I guess taking a leaf out of the Astral Social Club’s book of sounds to melt heads, did we say essential. https://fortevilfruit.bandcamp.com/album/bunkrapt    

Interlude……micro electronics / post electro……naughtiest girl was a monitor, frozen ducks, Anne Cessna and Essendon airport, Träneninvasion, pink plastic and panties, angela Werner, die synthetische republic, le syndicat electronique…..

Naughtiest girl was a monitor…..

Frozen ducks…

Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport…..


Pink, plastic and panties…..

Angela werner…..

Die Synthetische Republik….

Le Syndicat Electronique….

Those paying attention to these things may well remember us mentioning or at least warning of the coming of Wytch Pycknyck in the guise of the new fuzz soaked stoned out ‘skeleton tape’ somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/05/16/wytch-pychnyck/ – anyhow the blighter is out now in a strictly limited edition of 50 available in 5 coloured variants, these dudes are heavy, like Sabbathian heavy, ‘double Dutch’ particularly sounding as though its woken up from some early 70’s chemical haze, so wasted and primitive its liable give you a beard and loons just for being in earshot, like we said previously definitely one for the Brew, Rise Above and Riot Season loving patrons among you.  https://wytchpycknyck.bandcamp.com/  

I’m certain we’ve mentioned in these musings the exquisitely crushed reach beautifully bleeding from the grooves of releases bearing the name Hayden Calnin upon their hide. Described in passing as the Australian answer to Bon Iver, this is a track by the name ‘Collision’ pulled from a forthcoming EP titled ‘drift’ – a heart string pulling slice of reflective melancholy all abled and abetted by a measured and murmured sympathetic symphonic arrangement guaranteed to leave you low and yearning whilst cut with the kind of hymnal hush that Low Anthem releases used to attract and engage with. https://soundcloud.com/haydencalnin/collision   

Australian single launch tour dates:

July 6th – Mojos, FREMANTLE

September 5th – 8th – BIGSOUND, Brisbane

Been an absolute age since had the need to hang out the bunting for Bad Afro happenings, herewith a newly peeled video capturing the mighty Baby Woodrose in all their live finery. The footage recorded barely three days ago features Lorenzo and Co stumping up a head swirling kaleidoscopic kocktail at the recent Roskilde Festival into the bargain pulling out all the stops and going all cosmically freaky in a super spacey psychedelic way, something i guess for all you Hawkwind and Mugstar heads.

I don’t mind saying that each and every time we’ve had this ‘un on the player it’s as though a radiant ball of sunshine has taken up residence in our darkening evening space and set forth spraying it in all manner of woozy warmth. A incoming download single through elite records by Joel Jerome entitled ‘cosmic dancer’ – a track culled from an imminent full length by the name of ‘cosmic bear jamboree’ of which the accompanying press release makes reference to the likes of Beck, Deerhunter and Ariel Pink. No disagreement from our side because by these ears we hear the softly smoked lazy eyed tropical tones of shimmering psych corteges at swim in swirling lysergic seas with tripping west coast chorals and the slow peel of coolly caressing bliss kissed riffs. Any questions then?

More drag city loveliness incoming around September with the arrival of Wand’s fourth full length ‘plum’ – before that though the title track has been detailed for scouting duties getting a release in its own right around mid-August via variously digital platforms. Admittedly takes a while to work its way beneath your skin, a locked grooving daisy chain of prettily mesmeric pastorals form little sonic ear worms in your head space all the time slowly blossoming and growing in depth, detail and definition hooking you in to its fracturing carousel, the effect soon warping and splintering forging dreamy slices circular kaleidoscopic patterns, in truth if you are looking for reference markers might we suggest a younger Oddfellows Casino being tunefully detuned by a latter career Quickspace. All maddeningly wonderful you understand. 


Coming ahead of their self-titled debut full length through suicide squeeze this September, the chill twanging death rattle of LA Witch with ‘kill my baby tonight’ has all the primitively prowled kudos to suggest its hollowed hallmarks have been summoned forth from lost nights pouring over vault digging Lux Interior mix tapes. Primed in a shadowy 60’s shimmering, this dark hearted swamp dragged cutie sounds like its missing a black n’ white trash flick with which to groove its uber cooled noir purred spell charming upon, reference wise think Shangri-La’s evil twins doing bad things with Gallon Drunk studio cuttings whilst under the watchful eye of Joe Meek.


L.A. Witch live:

15/6 – Red Museum, Sacramento

16/6 – Cellar Door, Visalia

17/6 – Crepe Place, Santa Cruz

18/6 – HICKY FEST, Legget CA

19/6 – SLO Brew, SLO

22/6 – Blonde Bar (w/ Mystic Braves), San Diego

23/6 – Independent (w/ Mystic Braves), San Francisco

24/6 – Glass House (w/ Mystic Braves), Pomona

4/8 – Ace Hotel, Palm Springs CA

31/8 – Levitt Pavillion (MacArthur Park), LA

4/9 – Vera, Groningen

5/9 – Paradiso, Amsterdam

6/9 – Kinky Star, Ghent

7/9 – Kantime am Barghini, Berlin

8/9 – Burger Invasion: Cologne, Köln

9/9 – Burger Invasion: Monotown, Hamburg

11/9 – Le Cog D’Or, Olten

13/9 – Gonzo Club, Zurich

14/9 – Le Baraka, Clermont-Ferrand

15/9 – Festival TBC @ 013, Tilburg

16/9 – Le Batofar, Paris

17/9 – DIY Cafe, Lille

18/9 – The Crofters Right, Bristol UK

19/9 – Acid Box, Brighton UK

20/9 – Moth Club, London UK

21/9 – Mono, Glasgow UK

22/9 – Psych Festival, Liverpool UK

23/9 – Rotown, Rotterdam

Still haven’t a clue who these dudes are, guess that adds to the charm as they fast become along with the Tomorrrow Syndicate, one of our favourite listening pastimes. We refer of course to Mirror House who’ve literally just dropped an eye watering motorik monolith by the name ‘mom, I’ve transformed into a black hole again’ which title alone is stealing awards and giving ample hint as to where this is going. Per the liner notes an album is due for earth impact sometime next year entitled ‘the new cruelty’ something which judging by this teaser is apt for the wearing of space visors, galactic hats and some firm strapping down as you are jettisoned by considerable g-force into the cosmic void, clearly folk with a thing for gravity defying psychotropic groove and an ear for the likes of Helicon.


Do you know that feeling you get, like you’ve been touched by something very special and magical, like when within seconds of a track drawing to life you immediately feel the hairs on the back of your neck tingling, well I’m afraid it’s one of those moments. Alas absolutely no information on this except to say it’s by Blanket Rule is called ‘fuck’m’ and that its out, we think, through Osborne Again Music, oh and it’s a free download. Now let’s not put too finer a point on matters here when I say this is heavenly, more so heavenly in a vaguely wistful and youthful Go Betweens type way, indeed that good. All very airily distractive, peppered in twinkling folk lilts and sprayed in a warmly radiant albeit bitter sweet vulnerability, one for the Sarah / Bus Stop / Summershine adoring souls among you I would have thought. https://soundcloud.com/osborne-again-music/blanket-rule-fuckm-free-download  

High time I think for a spot of mellowing trance toning kosmische / ambience, just as well then that we hooked upon this newly peeled nugget from Pictograms entitled ‘flutter’- apparently a ‘rough live mix straight to tape’ is how its billed, between you and me I reckon they hide their light under a considerable bushel, because from what our ears do detect, this makes for an 8-minute odyssey voyaging to an inner space whereupon all is calm, serene and at one. In short, the equivalent of plugging yourself in to some hitherto chill toned rejuvenating livener, frankly it ought to come bottled up and sold over the counter at the local chemist. https://soundcloud.com/pictograms/flutter  

The only grumble you’ll find from this side of the fence is that it’s not got a download link. This is Polypores captured live and in the flesh at a recent appearance at the Continental in Preston late May time. A full on 31 minute dream immersion that aside having the acute ability to colour your head space in all manner of astral pastels and star twinkled swirls, provides for a refuelling stop where the distinctly polar kosmiche worlds of Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre collide, for here high grade head expansion is afoot wherein tripping ghost lights of glimpsed futures fuse, flirt and arrive flavoured in a silvery streamlined vintage that echoes of space age visions and a cosmic suburbia among the heavens. Did we say perfect…… https://soundcloud.com/polypores/live-at-the-continental-260517  

there we were minding our business trying to find a link to contact Pictograms – see earlier – instead accidentally tripping across Pictogram who based in Ontario it seems put out a smoking slab of lounge soul blues sometime early last year titled ‘clarified butter’ – okay yes, it’s been out a while and you are all so over old school stuff as you peak over the fence to check what heading down the tracks, but truth is we couldn’t let this go without a mention. With its vintage, early 70’s stylising – think Mancini and Schifrin in a studio lock down, this beard forming babe is kissed with a sultry noir toning that’s only missing a classic flick to complete it, its jazzily tripped out vibes morphing superbly around the 3.40 mark to loosen up and get all wiggy and woozy in a most delightfully fracturing way as it assumes a readily more fried and wired dreamy detour into the bargain getting very Brand X and Soft Machine. Alas Lucas Sherwood credited with projections doesn’t come across quite so vibrantly as the rest of the collective. https://pictogramm.bandcamp.com/releases  

before you all start cribbing, alas I don’t have any available info on this lot or a clue as to how you’d go about nailing this gem for your own. This is Jesus on the Mainline with a track titled ‘glass bones’ taken from what assume to be a full-length release by the name ‘the morning bell’. Absolutely adored around these here parts, each time it veers into earshot we keep getting a misty-eyed feel good radiance showering upon us, a kind of spiritual euphoria with an unshakeable desire to go rooting out Dream Academy platters, in short immediate, infectious and dare we say joyously hymnal if of course that hymnal happens to be trundling down the track at a mildly lolloping and giddy pace kissed with the adoring glow of say the low anthem. https://soundcloud.com/listentothemainline/glass-bones  

a most welcome message from those Pictogram dudes whose ‘clarified butter’ we mentioned in passing a little earlier. Alas that particular project is in cold storage for now, however a new direction, sound and style has risen from the ashes in the guise of Possum. This blighter near knocked off us our listening perch, it be called ‘Wizard Beard’ – a punch you out cold twang toned tornado, quite possibly the finest of its ilk that has pushed its way across our listening desk since the Wreaths had us all a wowing in stunned admiration. Studded in riffing arpeggios and cooled with a shadowy ghost rider gouging, this smoking gun toting primal blizzard howls seductively to a would be gathering of string plucking riffs for hire echoes, among whose number the Gun Club, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Dick Dale and Link Wray are counted.

Don’t mind saying that this ‘un has been crafting a little shy corner space in our affections, a teaser from Froth with ‘shut the windows’ – a track taken from their recently released ‘outside (briefly)’ full length for Wichita, something I’m suspecting we need to hear sooner rather than later. With its lazy eyed soft psyche bruising, ‘shut the windows’ is braced with a touchingly forlorn seafaring winterise charm that purrs to a delicately blissful introspection which within its sparsely set mesmeric motifs echoes of a thoughtful June Panic in cahoots with a reflective Archer Prewitt are instantly recalled.


The band are at the start of a Stateside and European tour…. dates as follows……


6 – LOS ANGELES, CA – The Echo

7 – SANTA CRUZ, CA – The Catalyst Atrium

8 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Brick & Mortar Music Hall

10 – SEATTLE, WA – Barboza

11 – PORTLAND, OR – Mississippi Studios

12 – VANCOUVER, BC – The Cobalt

15 – OMAHA, NE – Milk Run

17 – TORONTO, ON – Massey Hall (w/ Ride)

19 – BOSTON, MA – Royale (w/ Ride)

20 – NEW YORK, NY – Brooklyn Steel (w/ Ride)

22 – PHILADELPHIA, PA – Theatre of Living Arts (w/ Ride)

23 – WASHINGTON, DC – Sixth & I Historic Synagogue (w/ Ride)

25 – INDIANAPOLIS, IN – State Street Pub

26 – KANSAS CITY, MO – MiniBar

29 – PHOENIX, AZ – Valley Bar


9 – PRAGUE, CZ – Great Hall Lucerna (w/ Interpol)

10 – VIENNA, AT – Arena Open Air (w/ Interpol)

11 – SONDRIO, IT – Rock and Rhodes Festival


13 – MONTECAROTTO, IT – Palazzo Baldoni

14 – PESCARA, IT – Rock Your Head Festival

16 – MUNICH, DE – Muffathalle (w/ Interpol)

18 – ST MALO, FR – La Route Du Rock Festival

19 – LUXEMBOURG – Den Atelier (w/ Interpol)


3 – SEATTLE, WA – Bumbershoot Festival


12 – 15 – JOSHUA TREE, CA – Desert Daze Festival

In truth, I wasn’t quite expecting this, a new thing from BMX Bandits, a track taken from their recent ‘forever’ set for the elefant imprint, this one being ‘it’s in her eyes’. Possessed of an old school song craft, there’s a quaintly lolloping tang oozing from its grooves, kooky banjos mellowed and dappled in sweetly tingling doo wop dialects craftily and crookedly veer into Gorky’s zygotic mynci terrains albeit as though tasked with an accompanying former Shoeshine-r Michael Shelley to cook up a happy Hefner musical mosaic. All very deceptively demurring.   

Newly posted subterranean radiophonia from the much admired Pulselovers in the guise of a live cut of ‘Badby 80’. Oh this is dark stuff, very much schooled in the ways of Add N to X, the Mount Vernon Arts Lab and Sonic Boom’s EAR, all shimmer toning hypnotic modulations, yet scratch beneath the exterior shelling of detachment and isolationist stillness, at the core something slowly stirs to life to which at the 9.20 mark or thereabouts, a radiant kosmische headtrip begins to emerge reforming, reforging and reshaping in terms of density, depth and definition all the time hooked aboard a mesmerising motorik throb which at its centre emanates all manner of cosmic kaleidoscopic swirls. https://soundcloud.com/pulselover/badby-80-live

Can’t recall for sure whether or not we’ve mentioned this previously in passing, new moving picture show from the Telescopes adoring the track ‘you can’t reach what you hunger’, the cut comes pulled from an imminent full length for Tapete called ‘as light returns’ – a copy of which we’ll have to pester their press folk for. All said you don’t need me telling you that anything remotely whiffing of the Telescopes is observed and devoured with bouts of near fainting swoons in this gaff this ‘un particularly so given it comes bliss bathed in a fizzing wall of sound whose cooled vapour kissed shimmering psych detailing arrives replete in shades and the kind of slo-mo fixed stare majesty that suggests its primary source of reference has been borne of blurring smoked out nights immersed in the sounds of the Velvets.

More head tripping high as a kite happenings from the Drag City imprint, peeled from the latest the Peacers’ full length ‘introducing the crimsmen’ this is the wonderfully wired and zonked out ‘black fences’, this blighter is so skewed, off kilter and dislocated that we here are suspecting its smoking its own stash, no point in trying to second guess what’s afoot here, just best settle for hazy, wiggy and shit faced stoned out goodness.


The acclaimed Waxwork imprint are about to venture in the comic book realm with a very special being lined up, which from the looks of things harks directly back to the supernatural / gore days of the legendary 50’s EC publication ‘Tales from the Crypt’. The graphic novel arm – Waxwork Comics will shortly release its first 32 page edition, ‘house of Waxwork’ features original macabre stories of terror, suspense and ghastly ne’er do well’ing penned by celebrated cult artists – the debuting publication featuring a brace of tales ‘Occult Slumber Party’ and ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ arrive in specially designed variants with each coming accompanied by a 7 inch single pressed on a choice of colours – green and olive splatter or blue and aquamarine splatter featuring eerie scores by Douglas Pipes and Creeper. As to the sounds, a three-track fright flavouring awaits with skin chilling delight via the links book ending this mention, all very much inspired and influenced by John Carpenter, opening with ‘house of waxwork theme’ – which in some respects strangely updates to a certain extent the sweeping noir toned fusing of tension and dramatics brought to bear by Bernard Hermann on the psychological flick ‘Psycho’. ‘occult slumber party’ with its spine-tingling motifs and storm looming portent looming atmospherics is rolled upon a grimly manifesting symphonic scare factoring that’s much in awe of the type of sinister soundtracks that once upon a time adored the horror Giallo Italo films of Fulci. ‘lighthouse keeper’ brings these dread tidings to a creepy close, possessed of a chilling isolationist etching, this ‘un veers into the svelte shadowlands of 80’s VHS sonics, one for the ‘stranger things’ admirers among you and something that ought to attract admiring nods from those much smitten by Carpenter ‘utopian façade’ from his acclaimed ‘lost themes II’ collection.  https://soundcloud.com/waxwork-records/sets/house-of-waxwork-issue-1    

One of those ‘we blinked and it was gone’ moments, really kicking ourselves that we missed out on this, a super limited lathe 7 inch housed in hand painted sleeves from Strange Turn via Mega Dodo.  This is ‘the stranger’ something of a slight detour in terms of style, arrangement and focus from what we are usually more used to from the Strange Turn folk, in truth there’s three tracks plastered on this limited release, so while we go scrummaging for review downloads we’ll just pass on words of fondness for the main event. ‘the stranger’ emerges from the pistol smoke of an old cowboy flick, the tale of a lone wolf marooned upon a desert dry wilderness, a mysterious preacher man suitably adorned by a countrified mosaic that huskily purrs to a decidedly off kilter symphonic strut replete with showers of softly seductive key braids that exude a hymnal gracefulness under which slick sliding riffs croon with a blissfully lazy eyed eyed lilt atop a curiously hazy psyche soul undercut. https://soundcloud.com/mega-dodo/strange-turn-the-stranger-1  

Up next three very special releases straight from the ultra-cool hip of the Wrong Way imprint…..

First up, a limited 300 only 7 inch from the Oscillation. Of course much admired and certainly not a stranger around these here parts, Mr Castellanos, for it is he who is the Oscillation, cooks up some nifty mind altering cosmic wig out-ness with the realities fracturing ‘evil in the tree’ – just between you and me this puts us in mind of some dream team studio head to head between the Legendary Pink Dots, TV Personalities and the Cleaners from Venus, but don’t go telling everyone we said that. Indelibly nodding to Syd, this space psych trip pill arrives in the kind of flashbacking fried freak zoned grooving that suggests its recently awoken from some 60’s dropped hazy chemical smoke, absolutely on the button. https://wrongwayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/evil-in-the-tree  

Next up from the Wrong Way sound house, a floor shaking strut frazzled slab of fizzily fuzzy garage beat goodness from the Goa Express in the shimmering shape of ‘Goa’ – admittedly doesn’t stick around for long, at just 100 seconds in length, it possibly shoehorns in more punch you out cold cool than most bands manage to summon up in a life time career, not for us to go dropping reference markers saying it sounds like this or that in order to play the persuasive card, but if you were in the market for a little something that finds the missing link sitting between the Standells, Small Faces and Wimple Winch then this raw and primal blister kiss might just be your chosen bag. Just 250 7’s going……  https://wrongwayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/goa-kiss-me  

Last up for this trio of Wrong Way seven inch summer specials this is ‘see you there’ from Glider, just 100 of these – the second instalment of the labels uber limited blacklist 100 series – all these come individually hand stamped and hand numbered  I dare say guaranteed to go in a eye blink not least because this is arrested in showers of dream dazed euphoria, an utter sweet heart of vapour kissed lovelorn oblivion tailored in the ways of classic era MBV and yet seductively toned in the haze hushed swoon of a super chilled Skywave, think you get the picture, in a word divine. https://wrongwayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/see-you-there-wen-summer1991ce-cd-album    

Newly posted serving from the Corrupting Sea whose forthcoming outing ‘resist’ is available on a strictly limited cassette, something we’ll be having to nab for our own. Anyhow for now from that incoming, this is ‘persist’ – a beautifully brooding monolith who’s sparsely toned atmospheric compass calibrates its sonic setting to a trajectory whereupon the domains of godspeed and john carpenter collide and eclipse. To the doom draped finality of the ghost lit sirens, a serene beauty unfurls bringing with it a sense of something set in stone, eternal, unmoveable, a maintaining of an unbroken primitive as old as time order, perhaps an omnipresent watchfulness as the very elements of nature are harnessed and honed into a perpetual symphonic sigh. One for the John 3:16 admirers among you I’d hasten to add.    


Seductively smoking new happening heading out of Veto by Hawk, this one entitled ‘sin’ comes teasingly traced in an amorphously sophisticated demurring whose classicist 60’s noir phrasing opines and snakes to a most attractive faded romanticism, its bruised glamour ghosted in a shadowy vulnerability that momentarily spikes, hisses and fractures to a head turning Pixies-esque blotting, quite stunning if you ask me. https://soundcloud.com/hawk_official/sin-1/s-l0G3z  

Another accidentally stumbled over while mooching around soundcloud sortie, this one being by Fir Cone Children courtesy of a cut from a limited cassette release ‘no gravity girls’ through the German based imprint Blackjack Illuminist. Spiky bubble-gum pop is I guess how you’d best describe it, all strutting swagger toning dayglo goo replete with zigzagging punctuating riffage that’s all over you like an infectious rash as it tumbles out at pace and gusto, those needing reference markers might do well to revise up on their essential listening list of releases by th’Faith Healers.  https://soundcloud.com/blackjackilluminist/fir-cone-children-i-care-for-you


The humble cassette, this pretty much sums up why we still love ‘em…..






rare vintage footage – ‘good morning, Mr Orwell’ from 1984 ….


been a fair old while since they last graced our listening space, but here’s an incoming happening from the Great Electric that due to land sometime August on strictly limited slabs of 7-inch wax. Now unless my ears do deceive, ‘recognizer pt. 1’ is probably the closest sonic approximation that one might imagine emanating from a La Dusseldorf sound house had they been tasked with the job of fusing together a collage that captured the elements of both Bowie’s ‘lodger’ and ‘low’ sets, summed up in just one word then – class. https://wiaiwya.bandcamp.com/album/recognizer

expect more love to be heaped on this label later in the week, for now though our lobes where hooked upon this delightful 4 track / band head to head from Art is Hard records who’ve just started up a super limited subscription service that for your money gets you all manner of postcards, personalised notes, pins, stickers, trinkets, downloads, flexis – even a dinky little box to gather them all in at monthly intervals. Anyhow enough of the hard sell and to the sounds, admittedly the four track ‘the postcard club’ EP has been out a while, turn of the year as it happens, as said features four from the Art is Hard stable, opening to the softly slinky laid back tones of the Penelope Isles with ‘cut your hair’ which I must admit whose slyly countrified west coast wooziness and acute ear for the delayed effecting smoulder tuneage had us imagining some kind of secret mid-way point hitherto unseen and linking a youthful Mercury Rev, Butterflies of Love and Homescience. Up next, Hot Shorts’ ‘metaphor for (something)’ sparks and fizzes all the time attached to a coolly purring motif that occasionally spikes up in all manner of strut buzzed loveliness to which admirers of the Velvet Crush et al may well find much to swoon about. Just edging matters in the affection stakes, Factory Seconds’ ‘caught in the layers’ is one of those rare pop moments that had Mr Peel still been around would have played to destruction thus ensuring it peaked the years legendary taste making Festive 50 votes tally, with that in mind we’ll just sum it up in one word – perfection. Rounding up matters on this brief visit, the Golden Dregs lead matters to the conclusive end groove with ‘Congratulations’ whose smokey toning would I be right in saying has something of the Robert Lloyd and the Four Seasons about its wits. https://artishardrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-postcard-club-2

staying with the WIAIWYA imprint, here’s a little something that we picked up on a few weeks ago only to manage lose it in all the incoming chaos we laughingly call a filing system here at the Sunday experience sound shed. ‘7 at 77’ is a limited charity release, proceeds from which are going to fund the admirable done by Médecins Sans Frontières, the deal being seven bands invited to contribute one 77-minute track – edit versions available here, each of the seven recordings will be released on a daily basis for seven days from 7/7/17, the hope being to raise £7,777. Alas the physical CD editions have long since sold out, leaving just the digital versions and some neat looking A3 posters – one commissioned for each of the artists. We’ll probably be revisiting this again later, however for now, here’s a little Papernut Cambridge with ‘Everything You Say Is Lyrics, Anything You Touch is Art’ – a track which really is possessed with the kind of lazy eyed soft psych tweaked and countrified cool that might have you first thinking you’d stumbled on some hitherto lost supergroup gathering nugget discovered recently in the vaults of the esteemed Elephant 6 Collective and here I’m thinking Apples in Stereo in some studio head to head with a youthful Jumbo, all very cool.  https://wiaiwya.bandcamp.com/album/seven-at-77

Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

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Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


End grooves…..

……appearing in the next missive……fruits de mer grooviness….cop an’ earful of this cuties……

Anton Barbeau….


Sidewalk society….

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