As promised,  that Machinefabriek limited issue. As previously, this is coming through Champion Version as a made to order 10 inch lathe, window of opportunity for ordering – just one week. Now this ’un really is going to put noses out of joint and have long time admirers sitting bolt upright in utter captivation, for ‘fight score’ really is a sublime masterclass in measured control and the merest use of application. Woven upon a delicately balanced sonic web of silvery silk, each tremble, shake and shimmer is countered by the tiniest shifts in tonality, the arc of these slow miniscule curvatures forged upon a low-end inner space spectrum, softly opine to create a mesmeric and deeply tranquil listening experience that’s akin to a visitation or at the very least, some briefly passing ecliptical event, the effect both eerie and ethereal is tinged with a palpable sense of loss as though a moment of reflection frozen in time or an epitaph marking the moment the stars go out. Strangely enough you might have expected ‘flight ambient’ to have been in contrast, a more mellower shadow of the former, how wrong you’d be. In comparison, things are a  lot more busy and dare we say, energetic not to mention noisier, more panoramic and cinematic in detail and delivery, the effect all the same is dreamily serene and hitherto sombre in depiction as it curiously charters terrains more readily expected to humble and haunt your turntable by way of platters bearing the name godspeed, labradford, stars of the lid and appliance upon their hides.    

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