We were going to start this missive with the track that’ll follow this, but hey it’s Sunday and if like me you are a little worse for wear and having a lazy one, then may we suggest that this be your gentle wake up into the day. From the Champion Version stable, I think you know the deal on these releases, cut to order lathe presses available within a brief – I think – one week window before being deleted. Two releases have just been passed our way, Machinefabriek we’ll be featuring later, first up for now though, something a little special from Orphax. Better known to kith n kin as Amsterdam resident Sietse van Erve, this ultra limited 7 inch outing features a brace of cuts that are applied with such soothing, dare we say, celestial allure as to have you thinking some heavenly visitation is upon you. ‘organs’ as the title might give hint, is an organ led recital, its reverence and sense of minimalist majesty endows the space to which it fills, with a divine like hypnotic radiance, its presence almost spiritual its effect as exacting as it is enigmatic. In contrast the thawing ‘horns’ over on the flip is a more earthbound if not, starrily snoozing affair, a lunar fantasia yawned in sepia trimmings and a teasingly tailored lullaby detailing, all quite adorable if you are asking me.  http://store.championversion.com/album/studies-in-dissonance   

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