Okay it seems we might have an email buried somewhere in our inbox parading new Silber ear wear that we’ve thus far either missed or mislaid, such oversight will be remedied in the coming days. In that aforementioned mail missive we’re assuming there’s talk of new groove from Dan West under one of his many alter egos – on this occasion – ‘d’animal – word has it an album is out and about by the name ‘logic’ from which ‘hear it (creeping down the alley)’ has been sent ahead on scouting detail. The way this amorphously amorous audio apparition infuses a radiant feel good glow upon your listening space really is quite the thing of strange beguilement. An on the button rush of kaleidoscopic euphoria that on one hand has the ethereal wherewithal of C Duncan, while on the other strangely manifests to curiously recall the exuberant pop prowess of a youthful mid 70’s era Sparks,well that’s what our ears do detect and we aren’t shifting from that position any day soon. Add to the woozy lysergic palette a shimmering of 60’s vintage aligned to oodles of disco strobes and a playful panic attacking hysteria and what you have quite frankly is an adoringly affectionate slice of impishly infectious rash forming ear candy.  

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