poppy ackroyd

Due for release, tomorrow in fact (14th), ‘time’ is one of a quartet of new piano compositions you’ll find sitting amid the grooves of a newly peeled mini-album by Poppy Ackroyd entitled ‘sketches’ through the esteemed one little indian imprint. The collection offers a chance for listeners both old and new to bask in the classicist touch of this most tenderly traced of musicians with a smattering of previously released tracks being reworked. One thing that immediately strikes you upon hearing ‘time’ is its freewheeling captivating fluency, the crafting is deft, light almost flutterby, a beautified canvas whose colouring and detailing gets ever more intricate, vivid and vibrant with each passing section, its airy vitality and sense of free spirited roving quite impeccable not to mention disarming, its expressionism simply entrancing as it seductively sprays the listening space in the dainty doffing of pastoral posies. https://soundcloud.com/poppyackroyd/time/s-m2k8v  

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