i’m fairly certain we’ve mentioned this (‘Lama) in the distant dispatches, lunar loveliness abound from Ummagma from whom a new EP is currently being prepped for release sometime September through the somewherecold imprint (the corrupting sea, Yellow6). ‘LCD’ EP be it’s name, on strictly limited CD release (obscura are doing a limited cassette variant), the set features various remixes of the title track by Dean Garcia of SPC ECO / Curve fame with early pre-orders getting an instant fix of oldie ‘Lama’ here found newly spruced and re-threaded by a certain Mr Guthrie, who aside adding his remixing skills, also applies some of his trademark lilting fret flutters to the re-modelling, the track itself a yearning celestial love note shimmer tone softly sighed in shoegaze seduction wandering starry environs whilst aboard a cruise controlled hermetically sealed solar bubble fuelled on whispering vapour kisses. Bliss.

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