la main bleue

Before you ask, no we don’t have any info on these dudes. Shame really because here’s a brace of spiffing mind tripping kaleidoscopia from some dudes by the name La Main Bleue. Those of you with a thing for being plagued by the onset of regular night tremors whose gift is an imagining of what Floyd might sound like had they hooked up for a lost studio evening spent in the company of both Hawkwind and a particularly smoked out Blue Cheer, then might we suggest that ‘bouquet de larmes’ might offer a  close approximation of those sleep disturbing sounds here found sprayed abundantly in rarefied essences of lysergic hallucinogenia. Equally attaching itself to our affections, ‘avec le temps’ comes possessed of the kind of swirling smoke hazed trip toning that had us imagining a bonged out love in gathering together the mighty Dungen and a rather youthfully stoned Black Angels.

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