you, the night and the music #210

A very special edition of ‘you, the night and the music’ with transmission #210 providing a showcase for the forthcoming Delaware Road gathering at the end of this month, more details to follow at the end of this mention. Two hours of the esoteric, the ethereal and the eerie is what lies in store, strange sounds emerging from the shadows and apertures of the hidden worlds of hauntology, radiophonics and electronica, here retro futuro mosaics rub shoulders with cold war pop, surveillance sonics and minimalist manipulations for a tracklisting very much attuned to the spirit, macabre and otherworldliness of the Buried Treasure back catalogue from which you’ll find a smattering of label delights spiriting away amid the playlist. Nothing more chilling to which to open this superbly varied set than with a spot of vintage radio play recitals from Akiha Den Den, very much tapping into the kind of strange twilight worlds of Nigel Kneale, these broadcasts originally available last year drew a nightmarish tone very much symbolic of classic Brit horror fayre – dimensions colliding, isolated rural locations and the terrorphonic impact of the narrated word, these transmissions we believe are being readied for full vinyl appearance soon via Castles in Space. Classic old school electronic abstraction comes in the shape of the wilfully obtuse de-constructivism of Ian Helliwell’s aptly titled ‘playing up’ – a track very much schooled in the ways of freeform manipulation. Those fancying their sounds piloting into the hallucinogenic realms of dream, mind loss and i dare say, chemical hazes might do well to tune your radar to Keith Seatman and Douglas E Powell’s darkening psychedelic void ‘boxes with rhythms in’ – a truly tripping head f*** if you can pardon us the slipping into the vernacular. Some pastoral lunar pop be your bag, then look no further than the seafaring celestial mirages prettily purring from Listening Center’s demurring ‘main reading room’ – very ISAN. Elsewhere and turning our heads, Agathe Max’s aptly named ‘pagan’ ought to appeal to those of you equally smitten with both Preterite and the Hare and the Moon for here a dance of mystical folk seduction peels through the fractures of time. Still kicking ourselves here for missing that recent Vic Mars full length for polytechnic youth, still, must admit to being a tad taken by the wonderfully nostalgic lilt of the lazy eyed rustic sprays adoring ‘kosmos 582’. Another album in need of immediate acquisition here is buried treasure’s recent vault find from Yuri Morozov, a set so awash in a variance of styles, techniques and genre bending aplomb that it’s so far ahead of the curve that its meeting itself on the way back, [i]all we’ll say is that its hard to imagine ‘Avidia’ being a lost 70’s cut – much in the spirit of Komeda. More mentions to come about a year in the country whose new ‘undercurrents’ set we’ve just taken delivery of, here’s a little something from the not so distant past with the tearfully touching and melancholic ‘the filters gone / the last man to play the last piano’, a parting epitaph heralding the cataclysmic event of the stars going out and surely it must be high time for new Assembled Minds groove, for now here’s the haunted musical box mirage that is ‘morris horror’ taking notes, one would imagine, from fortdax. loose capacitor stump up a faithfully dinky cover of the ‘theme from Robin’s Nest’ which if i recall rightly the original of which featured the handiwork of its star Richard O’Sullivan while its left to the pulselovers to round out matters with a rather spiffing take on one of the finest theme tunes to have graced a TV show – we’re talking the John Barry scored ‘the theme from the Persuaders’.     

The featured players as follows –  Jacques Lasry – Akiha Den Den – Konstantin Raudive – Children of Alice – Fred und Luna – Ian Helliwell – Keith Seatman & Douglas E Powell – Listening Center – René Halkett – CHXFX – Agathe Max – Pulselovers – Luke Mawdsley – Art of the Memory Palace – Vic Mars – Julius Vanderbilt – Grey Frequency – Jon Brooks – The Asistent – Howlround – Laker Herzog – The Soulless Party – Yuri Morozov – Broadcast – A Year In The Country – John Baker – Dolly Dolly – Teleplasmiste – Delia Derbyshire – Revbjelde – Jo Quail – Freddie Phillips – Mat Handley – Boards Of Canada – Ian Humberstone – Assembled Minds – Helen Tookey & Sharron Kraus – The Future – Concretism – Loose Capacitor – Robin’s Nest Theme.

As to the Delaware Road event, an evening of film, sounds and theatre from the Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker. The event to be held on Friday 28th July 2017 will feature a very special gathering of folk among the roll call the likes of Dolly Dolly, Concretism, the Mummers and the Pappers, Radionics Radio, Simon James, Glitch Saunders and Hill, DJ Food and many more……for an ethereal evening of strange, sometimes surreal and sinister sonic delights……

More details….

[i] T

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