anton barbeau

Part of the Fruits de Mer summer selection, new limited coloured wax happenings from Anton Barbeau features a flip wigged feast of mind frying woozy mosaics that include three covers and one original penning. Not sure how many of these beauties are being pressed but they are arriving on blue vinyl and by rights ought to be flying off the records racks. The EP titled ‘heaven is in your mind’ is a reference to the Traffic track of the same name to which a quite sublime cover of opens proceedings. Psychedelically enhanced and peppered with flowery pastorals there’s a magical mistiness attaching that recalls moments from the Pretty Things’ ‘S F Sorrow’ albeit as rewoven through the kaleidoscopic viewfinder of Tomorrow’s Keith West. Original penning ‘secretion of the wafer’ finds Barbeau cloaked in a tempestuous psych prog drama that distantly skirts the magisterial worlds of Rob Gould, pitched in a darkly woven mythical imagery scalped with storm laden overcasts, this brooding ghost light courts a shadowy gothic toning more attuned to the back catalogue of Paul Roland. Book-ending this set a dead eyed and withering take on Bowie’s ‘scary monsters and super creeps’, as mentioned in previous dispatches – see last missive LWWSOWYWA #28 – Barbeau draws the fracturing tension of the original and in its place heightens the nightmare quotient several notches. Best moment of the set though by a short distance, Big Star’s ‘September Gurls’ is given a long overdue day in the sun, kookily rephrased in warping mirages and trimmed delectably in oodles of 50’s teen trembled bubblegum motifs and then gathered up and re-spun within a wonderfully classicist glam grooved vintage. Bliss.


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