Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia Presents – Songs from Irregular Orbits

an essential listening mix tape put together by the Castleface dudes heralding the oncoming head happenings at this years Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia soiree. Eleven well heeled selections opening to the twang trashed scab forming shadowy vibed groove of Magnetix who to these ears sound not unlike the evil twin of the Cramps dragged up from some swamp festering lake, literally oozing psychosis. In sharp contrast, once and future band appear adept at crafting pristinely sunny 70’s MOR softly turned in warping kaleidoscopia, oozes west coast harmonies with an impeccably attractive nod to the Zombies albeit as though woozily smoked and toned in Elephant 6 essences. Fancy some clearly wasted jazzy psych that sounds like its been sneaked off a lost and recently found Old Grey Whistle Test performance from the mid 70’s, then the Sunwatchers beard forming ‘eusubius’ might fill that wanting space, in truth not a million miles from the kind of groove occasionally committed to wax by Anla Courtis and the like. That said we suggest you tune into ‘there is no God and fuck the Government’ – for some drop dead head fracturing freeform squalling noise niking. We here are suspecting we need to hook up to more DUDS groove and sharpish, for ‘assembly line’ is one of those skittish sore thumbs that demands repeat play, wilfully wayward  and angular with it, a bit like imagining a late 70’s gathering of Fall and Wire types. As to Male Gaze, blighters barely give you time to settle back comfortably before being about you in a rush all up close and personal courtesy of the frankly frenzied agit gouged ‘the shining path’.

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