This early warning just popped up on our sound player, this ‘un is being readied up for polytechnic youth action – date unknown / quantity unclear. By French alchemist Morphoex from a forthcoming happening ‘Soviet System’ this is ‘UFO’. Alas not the theme from the iconic Gerry Anderson TV series of the same name from the early 70’s but rathermore a spot of coolly chic floor shuffling futurist electro funk which curiously enough manages to find itself a safe haven tucked in between the sonic soundhouses of polymer cities, concretism and pye corner audio in so much as it sounds so fashionably 70’s, mind you that said in our minds eye its subliminal hypnotic symphony is replaying looped images of a space lab colonised by an army of robotech’s all in regimental formations at assembly lines processing endless copies of Kraftwerkian doppelgangers. Perhaps i really ought to lay off the sherbert.  

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