run logan run

Sheesh, you turn your back for five minutes and the blighters sneak a handful more releases on their bandcamp page. Latest salvos from the esteemed Champion Version sound house, which all come hand pressed on limited quantities of lathe wax made to order within a very limited purchase window. Okay i’ll readily admit that the prospect of an ensemble based around just drums and saxophone mightn’t solicit the flinging of bunting in expectant adoration among some folk, we here though are made of testier stuff and anyway similar such sonic tribulations from the foolproof project imprint have always been met with affectionate gusto here. This then is Run Logan Run, a duo based in Bristol who we’re surprised to find haven’t had Fat Cat sniffing around because at one time in the not so distant past, this would have been right up their listening tree. Described in passing as ‘punk jazz’ a term so narrowing that it rarely does it justice, freeform yes, angular indeed and potent definitely. Two tracks feature here, simply titled ‘3.34’ and ‘3.43’ the first of which sounds like desert dry ravaged some primitive Tibetan howl. However it’s the second cut that’s the main player here, smokier, bonged out and a damn sight looser in tone, reference wise imagine Wizards of Twiddly on some Marrakesh retreat and then some with additional Tubby Hayes wig outs.


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